Can anyone recommend a book with a murderous librarian?

I know an librarian who would love it.

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Search GoodReads. If there isn’t a murderous librarian in fiction somewhere, I’d be very surprised.
Jasper fforde may have one in his works: he has some pretty edgy book jockeys.
Oh, there's a murderous librarian in The Invisible Library. He's not the main character, though.
How about the librarian in the Harry Potter books? She seems quite murderous if you talk too loudly.
Lol @Khurram Wadee. I don’t believe there were any dead bodies though. I should do a Harry Potter marathon this weekend. Good suggestion. :)
I have a good friend who was a librarian in a woman’s prison. Imagine that as a book.
It depends on whether you mean someone who has actually done the dirty deed or has the potential to do so at some undetermined point in the future.
Good point @Khurram Wadee. Mostly thinking about mayhem in the library.
Xitsa diaspora
Worth the Candle: there is a dangerous librarian at least.
Bob Lai diaspora
Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco? Not quite a librarian, but the curation of books plays a central part.
Thanks @Xitsa @Bob Lai. Definitely will pass it on.

It’s been forever since I read Name of the Rose. That’s a good book. Must search it out.
I was just thinking of adding The Name of the Rose to my reading list. Great minds (and mine) think alike, I guess. 🙂