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Remembering When We Were Poor

That is funny. How ever while Gates father was an attorney. Nether of Jobs parents (adoptive) went to college. As I recall Job's adopted father was an auto mechanic. As part of the adoption agreement with his birth mother, they guaranteed he would go to college and get a degree. Which he never did.

Don't get me wrong. When he was growing up an auto mechanic could easily make a middle class living. So I would call me poor, but he didn't grow up rich either.
From the point of view of a billionaire, many things look different.
#Gates was a gifted software developer, but also a tough businessman.
He did not take it so seriously with the #copyright of others.
And #antitrust violations helped him build his #software empire.
Today, he criticizes Edward #Snowden for having broken the law and
calls for stricter international standards for the protection of
intellectual property rights.
#Microsoft, #MSDOS, #QDOS, #Windows, #OpenSource, #Linux, #MicrosoftDilemma
Nach Golde drängt,
Am Golde hängt
Doch alles. Ach wir Armen!

#Goethe, #Faust I, MARGARETE, Vers 2802 ff.
They race after gold
and cling to gold,
and we stay poor forever.

Translated by Peter Salm