Please Attribute Art Properly!
@Kenny ChaffinI do and will when I have that information
@Lady Morte
That person is a rude jerk. I blocked him when he jumped on my shares when I first joined. Same crap.Select ignore profile. Art is to enjoy even without the artist information. You are not breaking any rules or need to he worried. People like this are NO FUN . Cheers my friend.
Dude is rude. @Lady Morte
@Doctor BenwayDoctor well I understand it is helpful to credit an artist for the work but I wasn't phased by his comment. I'll share an artist's name if I know it or have it, but in some cases i don't. Besides I also see from a perspective that if a person likes a piece so much, it gives an incentive to want to research it more and the artist behind it. I am not here to redirect everyone to everything.
@Doctor BenwayDoctor correction: I mean everything to everyone! ☺😉