How would you explain your basic #life #philosophy?

Have fun but don't harm anybody. Anybody is including #nature, #earth, #environment, plants, animals, #climate and you.
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I've written a whole essay about my life philosophy.
My ethics are sensualist as nothing in this world can be thougth outside of the realm of sensations. Knowledge it's organizing sensations. I belive our compass for action should be negative and that it should be suffering, as suffering is a negative sensation we should avoid it. If compassion is good or wrong it's a subjective matter cause not every one person is empathetical, but most people would strive to be compassionate, and our social rules should be based on compassion and logic. Under that view a sociopathic aproach of life is not discouraged, but for society to deal with such persons should be based on compassion and on the principle of causality that don't allow freedom in its purest sense nor responsability and much less sin, we're all children. The quest for knowledge and beauty it's a sensualist quest for intelectual pleasure. My philosophy of life it's do as you please but be rational as reason is the way to knowledge and knowledge will help you strive on the world; try not to suffer. Personally the suffering of others make me suffer. Ethical judgements are social constructs but if I could model them they would be based on suffering and realpolitik, i'm all for human rigths as a noble ethical quest.