What a plonker! This guy is just so fake. Same as his performances as an MEP, were he rarely showed up either. I recently learned that even when he attends a European Parliament debate he only shows up to deliver his insulting speeches (so that he can get them filmed to share on YouTube) and then disappear immediately after his speech. I expect the same will happen with this walk where he will show up for some media opportunities before disappearing again. And yet his followers will swallow it hook, line and sinker.
Nigel Farage will not complete Brexit Betrayal March despite urging supporters to join him | UK News | Sky News
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mfierst diaspora
Has anyone found out yet how he is financed?
Well, some of it is well known, he has some very rich UK backers who made significant donations to UKIP. What's still a bit murky is where the money that Aaron Banks gave to the leave campaign came from. There are indications that some of it might have been illegitimate and possibly from Russia, but so far there is no definite proof.
mfierst diaspora
We also know UKIP was under investigation because they possibly misused EU money for the anti-EU campaign (which would be very cynical in the first place!), but I have not heard the final result of that investigation.
mfierst diaspora
He is no longer part of UKIP, though, so I was wondering how the honourable mister Farage is financed at this point in time. Obviously, he is receiving a salary from the EU, but still... is that it?
I assume he's handsomely paid for his various media engagements from the likes of Fox News, LBC and possibly more (not sure if he does anything for RT?). There was a report somewhere recently that the company where he channels his media income (probably avoiding a bit of tax on the side...) has increased its assets by about half a million over the last year (assumed to be mostly if not all income from his media activities).
mfierst diaspora
Ah? Ok.

From what I've seen on Twitter and other sources the march seems to be a bit of a damp squib (certainly so far) with only about 50 (if that) marchers taking part. I wonder what the chances are that it will be abandoned before reaching London?