Ohai there, friends! Sorry for the bit of silence in the last couple of months, we don't like that either, so we figured it's time to make some noise! A few moments ago, we merged the API branch into develop, which means that starting now, all pods on the develop branch support the new, fancy API!

Note that this is not a stable release yet. Until diaspora\* is officially released, this API is not considered stable, and we might change things at any time without notice to improve usability and stability. We plan on reaching a stable point once we push into release, but we will communicate as soon as we consider the API stable. Consider it experimental until then. :)

Please do check out the API documentation if you want to know what you can do with the API, and how to use it. We're looking forward to your ideas, and we're curious what you will build with it.

If you had plans for an application using the API, now is a great time to start working on that. We know that we said the API is not stable yet, and that's true, but your feedback will help to improve the API and polishing it for a stable release. If you do find bugs where diaspora* does not behave like you'd expect from reading the API documentation, please file a bug on diaspora* so we can iron that out. If you have an idea for an improvement or you think we should change something within the API, please open a bug on the API documentation. For all other kinds of questions and input regarding the API, we created a new category on Discourse, so please join us there! :)

Happy hacking!

#diaspora #api (yes, really!) #announcement
@Alexander Wow! Thanks for all the information in your comment.
I am not a developer so basically I don't know how what I am reading on my laptop screen is produced. It seems from what you said that I am merely looking at a diaspora* website. If I continue to use pluspora as I have been doing hitherto I guess there will be little or no change evident to me.

FYI, the only manual changes that at I have made are:
- to add that Style add-on to Firefox that allows me to to see 3 columns, rather than just one. That is useful but it does have a shortcoming in that some of the text modifier icons are lost. I have to revert to single-colum view to recover them.
- to add the Easyshare Firefox add-on. That is wonderfully useful!
Ich verabschiede mich dann mal wieder aus dieser Diskussion, weil ich überhaupt nichts verstehe. Und offensichtlich hält es auch niemand für nötig, meine vor etwa 19 Stunden geäußerte Frage zu beantworten:
Ich habe mir jetzt mal die deutsche Übersetzung durchgelesen, verstehe aber nicht, um was es geht. Könnte mir das jemand laienhaft verständlich in Deutsch erläutern? Herzlichen Dank im Voraus
Na ja, Nerds unter sich. Entschuldigt bitte diesen Zynismus. aber ich fühle mich als Laie hier außen vor gehalten.
@Gerhard Hallstein
Was hast du an Dennis Kommentar nicht verstanden?
Es gibt nun eine API für diaspora*. Wenn du nicht weißt, was das bedeutet, dann ist dieser Post für dich komplett irrelevant, und du kannst es einfach ignorieren.
Nur Programmierer wissen was eine API ist und für die ist dieses Posting ja gedacht, wie viele andere hier ja auch ausgeführt haben...
Dann wären sie hier auch nicht richtig, wenn Diaspora von Franzosen oder Spaniern oder Japanern gebaut wird und die in deren Sprachen reden. Facebook ist vielleicht besser für sie. Für mich nicht.


A huge thanks to Kent Shikama, @Frank Rousseau and @Hank G for their awesome work!
+1 , Hope everyone realise that this was a very complicated job which involved many things. Happy that we finally can use clients with their full potential especially on #mobile apps, they can get #notifications
@Alexander thank you, I might give it a try.
That's awesome! I'm so happy to see this PR finally merged. Congrats to everyone who participated!
Ich finde nicht dass es für nicht Entwickler nicht wichtig ist. Die Endanwenderin kann z.b. bessere Anwendungen fürs Smartphone bekommen, die Benachrichtigungen etc. unterstützen können etc. Könnte man durchaus einfach erklären im Gegensatz zum Leben im Elfenbeinturm.
I hope this will let me ditch JS for good. Last time I checked logging in and changing account settings worked fine in a text browser, the only thing that needed JS was the stream itself.
@Fla I think Sean Tilley is on Pleroma now, which unfortunately isn't (directly) compatible with Diaspora, yet...
Pleroma now, which unfortunately isn’t (directly) compatible with Diaspora, yet
Thats something for the future, we should actually ask the pleroma devs to be compatible with diaspora just like friendica is. That way pleroma can also talk with hubzilla also.
@Pavithran S Hubzilla has implemented #ActivityPub, so that is already possible.
need translater button
garik diaspora
R u frnd?)