Apparently the designers of this remote control thought that #netflix is more important than the up cursor.
Whenever I want to move the cursor up, I hit this fucking Netflix button.

Besides this, my new TV also has a special Netflix Bouton on the remote. Do people only watch Netflix.?

#ux #design #usability
And before I forget, I don't have Netflix
Hans W hubzilla (AP)
I do have it. Started using it when my wife was real sick years ago. She was able to view all kinds of stuff. Currently I am using it whenever I am on the road. My Son does seem to use it too
Bob Lai diaspora
No, but the design of remotes is clumsy, at best. They've become packed with buttons, and, as you've noted, are often counter-intuitive.

The TV we recently bought has a default TV stream, which was set to Cheddar, a bunch of people I don't know telling me what to think about business and tech. I set it to the World Series of Poker channel instead.
My new TV comes with Android TV and my first action was to uninstall all the crappy apps like on a smartphone or on pre-installed windows. I actually wanted a dumb TV without all these Alexa and Google smart shit, but all those new TVs are all smart. At least this is not a crappy proprietary software from a TV company.
What a crappy design! Reminds me of the "Windows"-Button you nowadays find on nearly every computer keyboard.
Marketing at it's best.

I'm happy to only own a pure dumb Flatscreen TV (even the remote control doesn't work anymore, it only acts as a monitor) in combination with a set top box for DVB-T2 and a DVD player.
At least you don't accidentally hit the windows button.
This is the remote of the blu ray player. I don't know why a blu ray player needs Netflix. It should play blu rays.
My tv remote has also a Netflix button and Rakuten TV, whatever that is.
At least you don’t accidentally hit the windows button.
Luckily i'm able to assign other functions to these buttons thanks linux configuration options. ;)
The remote for my Nvidia shield has a big Netflix button that I'm constantly hitting by mistake. I hate that button!