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These are my OCs, Manel and Rosa at Rosa's home. Manel wants to be a writer of murder mystery novels, so he's always willing to be wandering about for fresh ideas. Rosa in an apprentice witch who lives with her mentor and takes care of the supplies in the house.

Yaaaay another fully-digital piece! I need lots of practise because I am slow learner. I am trying the new way to do eye-shine. I think this is closer to the proper way to do it.

Done in Krita, with flower tone material from MediBang (it's for the blue vitality kits, but it got blurred in the end anyway, facepalm). To read the little scene I wrote for this, please view my dA here:

You may also commission this style from me via my [Chibi Shop]. :)

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Illustration and character(s) by Early Onion (that's me).
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