Thank you very much for your feedback @Early Onion. For some reason it reminded me of the tower in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, when Brad and Janet end up in heavy rain after they got a flat tire. There was Riff Raff standing behind one of the windows at the top, when they came closer. You might or might not know the movie or scene though... ;-)
Well, the stairs are what makes this building interesting for me. I wouldn't say that I would love to take them though. Maybe if there are more stairs inside - or even an elevator. That would be fine too... *lol*
Ah, I have seen that movie once or twice, but I don't remember the scene.Anyway yeah, I think the stairs completes the building's design, balances it. ^^
It's right here at around 1:50 -->
Aha, I see it, yes! :D
@Frank Nitsch Ui! Ist der Neubau nun endlich fertig? ;-)
@Frank Nitsch Dein neues Eigenheim. Letztens hast du uns doch den Rohbau gezeigt und wir durften beim Bau sogar etwas mitarbeiten... ;-)