Now there some toxic bullshit. Do you lie all the time, or just this once? In ref to Do you lie all the time, or just this once? Any chance of mentioning the liar's name?. It better hadn't be me because I can prove that the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world in fact I've left a link and can leave links from different websites.
I was referring to the meme, But you are right in one respect. Since the prison system in the US is now largely run by privately held corporations, the police are jailing people at a much higher rate. They lock someone up for 10 years for having a kilo of weed, but let murderers out after 3 years. I observe that there is no justice intended by that.
It's a very broken system. I think Trump is doing something about that. Ok Chuck, so you were taking about the meme. That's all I wanted to know. Thanks for the comment.
i'm still trying to figure out which part of the picture the " toxic bullshit / lie" is
Speaking as a European I'd like to see the statue of Liberty in real life. The statue must have been a great sight for immigrants on ships after they had travelled across the Atlantic. Many of these immigrants would have been fleeing from persecution, from tyrants like the Nazis..
The implication of the meme is that "MAGA" people are against the statue of liberty, or against people that are not white, or against people from another country. Everything about it is a toxic lie. No pretense of covering it. One might think it would be obvious to someone who is even peripherally informed.
MAGA -- Make America Gruesomely Abhorrent. Yes indeedy.