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A #brachistochrone #curve is the curve of fastest descent between two points not directly below each other -- interestingly not a straight or polygonal line but a cycloid.

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Yes, this model assumes frictionlessness.
Yea well that's just too individual isn't it? It depends so much on the vehicle and the wheels and their air pressure in that special moment, it depends on the wind and of the shape/position of the rider and her weight and the grounds friction etc. etc.
zulu diaspora
Ooh good addition, thank you
What's fascinating in the original post is that the shortest route goes down and then back up. Is that true or just the graphic? If so, it's amazing.
The curve can be derived using the calculus of variations and it is indeed the best one in terms of minimizing the time taken to at from the start to the finish. The original image is on Wikipedia and is in the public domain but I think the author deserves a credit: Robert Ferreol.