Did David Cameron destroy the Tory party in his misguided attempt to rescue it?

It is a widely shared assumption that David Cameron promised and then delivered the EU referendum in an attempt to unite the Tory party. The idea seems to have been to "answer the question once and for all" and then to unite the party behind it. Which has failed spectacularly.

Now Boris Johnson seems to believe the only way to save the Tories and make them electable is to turn them in effect into the Brexit Party / UKIP / whatever vehicle Farage comes up with next. But to do that he has to overtake them on the right. Not to mention that he has expelled 21 members of the more moderate wing of his party.

This will turn off many more moderate voters, not to mention the remain leaning (former?) Tory voters, many won't want the no deal Johnson (or is it actually Cummings?) seems to want. Meaning in order to attract some (he will never get them all) right wing voters he will lose a lot of moderate voters, many probably to the LibDems.

Is this how the Tories as a mainstream party will end?

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