Switch from Chrome to Firefox in just a few minutes

#libre #freesoftware

No Google, godammit!
Unfortunately Firefox doesn't run all the extensions/tools and lacks certain other features that Chrome has.

Never mind trying to run Chromecast with it to broadcast from my laptop to my full sized tv.
@Joseph Teller ever pondered a two-browser strategy?
Yes, and I have had to do that already since I have windows10 machines (since I have Microsoft's browser in order to communicate with them and not much else). At this point it's a 3 browser strategy
but there is no winning since I can't trust any company to be held to their word on anything they do.

And I have looked into Firefox and Opera both (have one installed on one machine and one on the other) but since they get minimal use due to lack of tools and features or working with the Chromecast neither will long be on my machines much longer (I gave them months in trial in hopes that the needed functions and tools would become available if enough folks asked/pushed for them) but right now they are wasted disk space.