diaspora\* version released!

This is an unscheduled update which includes some urgent security fixes, so please update soon. Since the last release, this release collects 67 commits made by 4 contributors. It's only a maintenance release, as you can tell. :)

A huge thanks to all the contributors from diaspora*'s amazing community! If you want to help make diaspora* even better, please check out our getting started guide. Please see the changelog for a complete list of changes made in this release.

Notable Changes

  • Fixes USN-4274-1, a potential Denial-of-Service vulnerability in Nokogiri. #8108
  • Introduces an automatic cleanup job to remove photos that have been uploaded but never got submitted in a post. #8041
  • Removes the dependency to to prevent installation or upgrade issues when the service is down. #8087


Podmins, please update your pods as soon as possible. Update instructions are available as usual in the wiki. For those of you who have been testing the release candidate, run git checkout master before the update to get back to the stable release branch.

If you are a user not running your own pod, there is nothing you need to do!
This section usually contains dates for upcoming releases, but not this time! We are currently working hard on pushing some awesome new things into the next major version. Because of this ongoing work, we have temporarily suspended our regular minor release cycle. We will update y'all as soon as we have something to update! :)
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Any news about pod migration?
thank you! ... please update translations too ;-)
Erik diaspora
Thank you!
thank you!
@XoseM [D*] Translations update is included :)
@Michele Santullo There will be preliminary support at least in the next major release, but it still has bugs and no frontend so far.
Thanks for this security release. Update went well and easy. has been successfully updated to version
thanks for the effort. Looking forward to the next major update.
Still no post editing? We have been asking for this for 5 years.
Thanks for the heads up team. #nota404mn has been updated.
Fla diaspora
@ꂵꄲ꒤ꋊ꓄ꋬ꒐ꋊ ꃳ꒐ꀘꏂ 𝔸𝕕𝕕𝕚𝕔𝕥~Ⓐ asking hasn't many chances to succeed in a project only supported by volunteers. Coming and help is more useful ;)
Fla diaspora
There are other ways to contribute ;)
@Jonne Haß thanks for the heads up!
To change the interface to accommodate editing is not as simple a thing as some would think.
The editing interface isn't even the hard thing. Figuring out a balance between allowing people to edit, while also prohibiting people from maliciously editing their contents afterwards is an issue. Most systems achieve "editing transparency" by keeping old revisions around and adding a note "this post has been edited", along a public record of what has been edited. This can be a nice solution, but it also comes with its own share of issues, as that would remove some control about the contents from the authors, which is not what diaspora\* is all about. "Just allow post editing" is yelled around quite frequently, but there are a lot of conflicts to resolve.

A lot of those issues have been discussed and documented on Discourse, and I encourage anyone to read the whole thread if you want to know why it's not as simple as adding an edit-button. There's a lot of useful context in that thread.
Why would you allow other users to edit someone else's post?
That's not what I said. There are plenty of abuse-scenarios where people edit their own comments with malicious intent.
Why would you allow other users to edit someone else’s post?
You wouldn’t. But the semantics of allowing post editing aren’t so simple that everyone can agree on them. And once we’ve got agreement on how it should work, then there’s all the technical work that would have to happen to make the systems support it, which is no small feat. As Dennis said, check Discourse to come up to speed on the discussion; it’s really not on-topic for a post about a new release of the server.
tomix diaspora
It was asked above but did not see any hints: How does it look with pod migration at the moment? Still not possible?
Not satisfied, yall need to add email auto banning features...
@Tek ☠What is email auto banning?
if some one registers an account with a certain email, it just closes the account.
Alexander I guess not everyone would use a disposable email address. At least it makes it a tiny bit harder for people who got banned.
@Alexander it's all true, but it's also true that at some point Diaspora will have to deal with providing an effective way to ban people. I don't know how, but as the network grows it will become more and more necessary. Email ban is likely ineffective, but it should stop the less motivated trolls.

Of course, if one is very motivated then he could set up his own pod and spam/troll from there, until that pod gets banned by all other pods...
What Diaspora does need are better user controls. For example, ability to limit who can comment, ability to post with comments disabled, configurable filters.
Yes. When I make a new post there could be an option to only accept comments from users that match requirements (no new accounts, a certain number of posts, a certain number of likes etc). This is what ebay does I think, and also stackoverflow.
ban the use of any email like this, , which are clearly bots, my pod gets a sequential list of accounts registering with an email like this almost every other day, the numbers are different.
The accounts that are made are never complete and the one that are, are obviously fake.
Update installed smoothly again, mostly.
I initially tried it by switched to my pod user with:
sudo su - diaspora

But when it came to cd .. && cd - I was greeted with
diaspora@avatastic:~/diaspora$ cd .. && cd - 
-bash: cat: command not found 
-bash: cat: command not found 
-bash: tr: command not found 
-bash: cat: command not found

I got round it with sudo to root and then su to my pod user
hunter2@avatastic:~$ sudo -i 
root@avatastic:~# su - diaspora

Not sure what went on there, but there's the workaround for anyone who's got the same missing cats.
done @

I have been getting this error for a while and it freaks me out every time. For me, I run all the commands except cd ..&&cd - and no errors. But, your solution is great!
Danke schön!
Done, all is well :)
Still waiting for that sweet, sweet pod migration
you bith dont like your pods ???
What kind of pod is :S legit or spam?
gibt es keine user Statistiken, aber mir ist er auch noch nicht negativ aufgefallen - hat wer andere Erfahrungen???
zumal die Software zumindest auf einem erträglich aktuellen Stand ist
not liking how my stream never loads now, with this version, it used to take a minute before, but now it never loads
Fla diaspora
@Tek ☠ restart the server
didnt do anything
i want to add friend with everyone. Please add friend with me! Thanks all. maybe you should post some interesting posts before ...
installation of diaspora on 18.04 does not work for shit.
my pod runs on 18.04
this post is 4 months old. are there still diaspora developers working on new versions?
Kurt Lupin - about 19 hours ago
this post is 4 months old. are there still diaspora developers working on new >versions?
Yes, there are!
okok i am sorry! i am just yearningly waiting!
is there a way to add a "groups" option in a future update? or some kind of social thing so members can find each other and find common interests. i think this would be good for more people to become friends. i think it would be good.
hi we have 'aspects' for that.
There is a bounty open AFAIK, just chip in some money :) someone has the link to it maybe? Anyways I should warn you it's been open for a few years now, it doesn't look like it'll come quickly The question of groups seems to be going on for more than 5 years, see:

@Kurt Lupin Aspects are not a substitute for groups, in particular, they can't be used to find new people with common interests.
Aspects work the other way around. Groups you can join to find people that have the same interests. This is not implemented in d*. Aspects is a categorization of someone's contacts by a user.
The only way to find people with the same interest is hoping, that someone uses the hashtags that you are looking for. I can see the request of it would be a massive improvement of diaspora*.
Pod migration is still very important for me. I've also been waiting for several years now. My pod just came back to life after a few days of downtime, and I'm lucky it was only 2 or 3 days this time. It happens quite frequently. And comment ordering is still broken.
Fla diaspora
@Michele Santullo the code migration backend is already written and released. If find a podmin running the develop branch of diaspora who agrees to help you, then you can export your data from your current pod, give them to him / her and he / she will import it.
Amazing news, thanks a lot Fla! Looking forward to the migration! :)
Πως μπορώ να καλέσω φίλους?
Wie kann ich freunde einladen?
How can I I vote friends
There is a Menu on the left


there you get an personal link to send to your friends...
Marvelous work you are making years after years folks, TKS..! Just guessing why still been in #Github... as #Microsoft is the owner...:(? so what? github is one of the biggest Rails contributor and their service is great. It will take one instance of abuse of power by microsoft so all the users leave github, but that hasn't yet happened I guess :)
Tek ☠ diaspora
M$ obviously just wanted the source codes lol.
Will there be an app on IOS??