Fukn sheeple.. 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ #normies #facepalm
I can understand them, that monitor stand is 1000$!! You wont see that often in real life.
I can understand them
I don't.
I look at a thing, see if it has a cool new feature or is better designed or of other better quality then their counterparts, then look at the price tag.
This is neither better designed nor has it any cool new features, in fact it has less than its counterparts, it doesn't even have a VESA mount, and it is, from the looks of it, of the same cheap quality as every other monitor stand is as well.
And with a price tag about 500 times its value it is for sure not worth a second look.

But then those sheeple, as someone else named them, run around holding other overpriced Apple products, so I'm sure the shops will find buyers who are willing to pay that price for that thing, much like overpriced undervisited fashion shops find buyers who are willing to pay insane amounts of money for the feel of exclusivity when buying the same crap everyone else can find for a fraction on the adjacent "cheap fashion shop" road...
I, for one, welcome our Stand overlords.
Apple monitors should be able to detect the stand used and reduce their resolution for cheaper ones.

Also brick completely if unofficial stand is detected.

Because Apple users deserve only the best.
David diaspora
People say "You get what you pay for." We hear it all the time. It's never been generally true.

Wealthy people willingly cheat themselves by buying things like this. They know this junk isn't worth what they pay for it. They feel powerful when they can literally throw their money away.

This is also one of the ways wealthy people kill jobs. They hoard wealth, and then throw it away. If their money was all spent on reasonably priced goods and services, it would create a thousand times more jobs.
Shadow diaspora
If they made hand crafted piece of art unique stands for 1k for crazy designers ok, but, but $1k for piece aluminum maded in China for $5 ...