Decisions decisions. When soldering a row of identical resistors do you stick one of them the other way around (so the stripes don't match) just to drive someone nuts in the future.

More annoyingly I have an entire CPU board assembled except for one ******** 1nf capacitor I'm going to have to order. I hate it when that happens.

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Folks, electronic repair is a dying art. Sadly.
Just made an aux battery for my usb drives, so I don't have to depend on ACPI getting them spun up before my laptop wakes up. Soldered an old USB data/power wire into the hub so that the power wire could go to a cell phone charging battery while the data wire plugs into the laptop. It worked.
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He he he, I would not be so cruel @Alan Cox: One resistor sticking in the other way, awwww, the thought of it makes me cringe. :-( It hurts the eyes.
As far as the capacitor goes.... yeah. Been there, felt that. It is annoying when your project is stuck on a 1ct or less piece.
Once upon a time, when my eyes were much sharper, the gold or silver band told me which way the resistors were supposed to point and their orientation did not matter.
Tell me about: I can't solder anymore, not without a magnifying Glass. Oh boy, it sucks to get old.
@Alessandro Ebersol I too have a big illuminated magnifier I use.
Am reading that "big illuminati magnifier" which ... I'm afraid will start rumours.
Is it a Bavarian illuminated magnifier, then?