🦔Spikier Things💕

Some new arrivals at @saijaszoo...
First, a male hedgehog - 85g, estimated at three weeks of age - who arrived yesterday and is starting to get comfortable here. He seems rather well and has a good appetite, so at this time we are very hopeful.

Just a few hours ago Saija went to check another hedgehog a cyclist had spotted next to her dead mother - killed by a car by the looks of it - and decided to bring her in, too. She is already a bit more grown up and could maybe have survived on her own, but better play it safe ! That´s her on the last pic. She weighed 168g on arrival.

Let´s all hope for the best for these beautiful creatures…
Uusia tulokkaita...
Tämä eilen saapunut, arviolta kolmeviikkoinen siilipoika alkaa pikkuhiljaa kotiutua Saijan luo. 85g tullessaan painanut pikku-ukko on suhteellisen hyvävointisen oloinen ja ruokakin maistuu, joten ihan hyvältä näyttää.

Ihan jokunen tunti sitten Saija kävi tsekkaamassa siilin, jonka pyöräilijä oli löytänyt auton alle jääneen emon viereltä. Tällä siilineidillä on ikää sen verran, että se olisi saattanut selvitä jo yksinkin mutta otetaanpa nyt varman päälle kun se mahdollisuus kerran on. Neiti on tuossa viimeisessä kuvassa, tulopaino oli 168g.

Peukut pystyyn näille komeille otuksille...

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◽ As it turns out, Kanto & Nelli didn´t get along very well… when they were put in the same cage, Nelli immediately started making warning grunts and acting up. To keep the young one safe and sound they now have separate lodging…
◽ Kanto got a roommate in the end, however… Tahvo is also a male and roughly the same age and joined Kanto this afternoon ! Weighing 187g on arrival, the youngster had gone through something quite rough since his spikes are somewhat messed in places. Still, after a basic check-up (no outer injuries), a tic removal, flea bath and a hearty meal the little one seemed to be settling in quite nicely. Fingers crossed… HERE are the pics I took today.

...and there you have it. Bye for now 🦔💛
I hope they will be able to coexist :)
Bit "puff and paff -sounds and tiny boys share their warming-bottle. One on a other side and one an another side 😁
Correction❗ I made a typo, Tahvo´s weight on arrival was 127 grams. Sorry about that...
Later when I gave evening meal Kanto didn't let Tahvo eat. So decited to Move Tahvo to other cage.
Awwwww so cute! I love hedgehogs especially babies! ❤️ I reposted facebook entry from Polish NGO's helping hedgehogs - text is English and Polish and is kind of roadmap to recognize if animal is in danger and how to help
Took a look at that, that´s a valid "first aid guide". So take note everyone! ⬆
Here in the campsite where I spend the summer I was convinced there was only one hedgehog who went on his patrol around 11pm. Last night, while I was under the gazebo, in silence, connected to pluspora ... I realized that there were 3! They were looking for insects or something similar in the interstices between the stones behind me :) Beautiful, healthy and not at all intimidated by my presence! @😺 Team Sintti 😺
Seems you're in good company @Silvia Aldovini! 💛

Nelli has left the building ! She was moved to another location since she wasn´t in need of any extra attention, the healthy girl is expected to be set free some time soon.
Kanto is growing by the day and doing just fine.
◽ It makes me sad to have to tell you that little Tahvo passed away yesterday evening. This is very likely because of internal injuries, as the little fella had experienced something rough like I told you when he came here… Rest in Peace, little one I

That´s all for now, hopefully I will be able to get you up to date with the whole animal gang during the weekend with some photos too…
Oh sorry for the loss of Tahvo! But glad the others made it and are strong 💪
This is just how it is @Christoph S... win some / lose some, yet never stop trying. Thank you for your kind words ! 👍💛
Sad to hear about poor Tahvo, but this is life. I hope rest of the little rascals will be ok
◽ I´d like to start with letting you know how proud we are of the people here in Jyväskylä and the neighboring counties ! People are quite vigilant about asking for advice and reporting animals that are misplaced, injured or otherwise in danger. Of course, that is in direct correlation to the fact that it´s been kinda busy here, folks… 😁
◽ So without further due, HERE is the hedgehog army: Meet Sipi, Elmo, Nuusku, Neea, Nuuti & Voima, Kanto, Rahi & Väri and Alexandra, who is the only adult - all others can still be considered hoglets.

Believe me, we have no chance of getting bored here with this crowd… Until next time - BYE! 👋
Elmo, Voima, Nuutti, Sipi and Neea along with two newcomers from yesterday have been today moved to another location since they no more need extensive care and looking after. This also gives @saijaszoo some much needed space for possible emergencies. Nice ! 👍
All the hedgehogs have now been relocated, some of them - including Kanto and Alexandra, who will be start their journey in a specific place together - are fit to be set free soon. The younger ones will be looked after by Saija´s colleagues until it´s time for their release.
Awwww, so glad the little 🦔 are fit again! Thanks for your care of these little animals blast from the past - I didn't know that stupid legend about apples on hedgehog spikes is such old.
Say hi to Heinä, a young male who arrived just yesterday, weighing 167 grams… Quite relaxed, feeding nicely. So far so good. I took these pics earlier today.
I only just saw that link you posted a day ago, thanks! 👍
◽ Yesterday afternoon we had a newcomer - little Pete who weighed 147g on arrival. We are cautiously optimistic about his pulling through, although he was very weary and dehydrated… of course, much depends on any possible internal injuries or other things that can´t be detected. We´ll just have to wait and see - fingers crossed.
At least at the writing of this update the little one is hanging on ! 👍

Here´s Pete "enjoying" his formal welcome - a flea bath !

It´s been a while since I have had the chance to give you an update on the hedgehogs.
A lot has been happening and @saijaszoo has been very busy and we´ve had some schedual issues. Many animals have come and gone, but I´ll just get you up to date with some of them you already have "met"...

Heinä was moved to another volunteer´s care early this month. She no longer needed the extra attention, so she´s basically just "fattening up" for release.

◽ Unfortunately it´s not good news considering little Pete… after a while here, it was evident that something is wrong as the youngster had difficulty moving properly. Nothing seemed to be wrong with his limbs, but after a consultation with the vet there were some neurological issues. It was agreed then that the most merciful thing to do was to euthanize the little fella.

◽ To end with a happier note, HERE is Kaisla. The little one was brought to Saija in a very bad shape, crawling with mites and almost lifeless to be honest ! After a long uphill battle it is a joy to report that the youngster pulled through and is doing very well. The kid still weighs a little under 300g, so it is likely that Kaisla will stay in human care through the winter. Earlier this week the little one moved in with her surrogate family, I took the pic just as she was leaving. Cutie ❗❤

...and there you have it - HAVE A NICE WEEKEND ! 👋
Awwww thanks for keeping us updated
Awwww thanks for keeping us updated
Yes, thank you @😺 Team Sintti 😺 <3
Update ❗❗❗
Three youngsters - all boys - arrived yesterday to @saijaszoo.
These guys are very likely to end up spending the winter in human care as they are quite young and probably unable to gather the energy resources (read: FAT 😁) to hibernate properly. Generally speaking the weight limit would be around 800g and these rascals are waaaay under that ! But we´ll wait and see...

Aprilli weighed 343g, Vala 327g and Otso 324g on arrival. I took these pics yesterday afternoon.
Finally, when I started making this update I texted Saija to ask about the newcomers and she just confirmed that they all are A-OK and have settled in nicely. Looking good so far, folks ! 👍

That´s it, until next time !


I hope they are only small, not injured and healthy diet with lot of fat bugs will keep them until spring

It´s been a while, but let´s try to get you in the loop...

Aprilli, Otso and Vala recovered nicely and have now been in the care of Saija´s colleagues for a while as no more special care was needed. Whether or not any of the three will be / has been released is something I don´t know at this time. I try to get that info next time.

◽ The saga continues now with our newbies: two gorgeous girls Tytti and Sunny and the boy band Puntti, Anselmi, Valtteri, Piikki and Arttu. So not much chance of getting bored over here yet 😊.
All except Puntti arrived during this week, Valtteri just yesterday. They will all stay at @saijaszoo for a while so she can properly assess each animals condition, as always. Then they will be looked after by other volunteers and, come spring, released back into nature.

Piikki will stay with Saija a bit longer as he has a very nasty cut on his "shoulder" which requires an antibiotics treatment. His wound is very likely from a hedge trimmer - F*** how I hate those things ❕❕❕ So far, however, Piikki seems to be healing nicely. And to be more precise, it is not hedge trimmers I hate, but I do have an issue with people not checking the grass / bushes / hedges before going all Rambo in their garden. That really shouldn´t be too much to ask... What do you think ?

Phew... ending the rant AND the update for now. So until next time, folks. Stay safe, look after yourselves and each other and BE KIND TO ANIMALS ❕

Hope you enjoy the photos
Awwww thanks for the update and having a heart ♥ for those little animals

Puntti has now left us and is in the care of a volunteer for the winter. Main objective: fatten up the hedgehog
(I think Puntti will be very happy with that 😁)

◽ A tiny little princess joined the gang late yesterday evening - THIS is Susu💕

That´s it, short and sweet - Byyyyee ! 👋
:D Hi Susu!
thankyou for these updates, @Team Sintti - such cheering news and wonderful work you are doing. Appreciated so much <3 <3 <3
On behalf of myself and @saijaszoo, you're welcome @Clarice Boomshakalaka Bouvier!
Welcome Susu!
Some old friends, some new... some good news, some bad. This is the way life goes. Here´s your hedgehog

◽ I visited @saijaszoo in the evening of October 1st, but only last night had finally time to prepare the photos to post here... let´s hope I can come up with a few coherent sentences in english to accompany them... Fingers crossed... 😂

◽ Most of the hedgehogs from the previous posts have now left us and are in the loving care of volunteers who will look after them during the upcoming winter. I photographed Sunny and Anselmi for this update, and they were gone later that same night. Same thing with the newbies Siiri and Seppo.

◽ Young Arvi´s condition was shaky from the start and it was obvious that something was very wrong. Unfortunately, just a couple of hours after my visit I got word from Saija that the little one had passed. He was suffering from lungworms and was already beyond help...

◽ In case you are wondering, Tama got his name from a couple who brought him in - the guy was a drummer who had just bought a drum kit... so we now have a rockstar in the gang, too 🤘😁

That´s about it for now - HAPPY WORLD ANIMAL DAY❕❕❕



I finally had the chance to visit the hedgehogs at @saijaszoo yesterday evening, so here´s the latest:

◽ Piikki, who was mauled by a hedge cutter ended up just fine. Last week he got a clean bill of health from the vet clinic who have been monitoring and helping with the case - the little spikester left us on Sunday evening and is now in his "human winter home" and is expected to be released back to nature come spring !

◽ With the exception of Rauha, all the hedgehogs from a few previous updates are also now in the care of volunteers for the winter - not that she´s alone here, though...

◽ The current gang consists of Rauha, Inka, Sulo, Teppo, Puksu, Toivo and Jose. And here are the photos - hope you enjoy them !

Until next time, folks ! 👋

Awwww So cute!
Update ❗❗❗

It´s been a long while since my last update, but here´s a little something for you guys...

◽ All the hedgehogs from my previous post(s) have now left @saijaszoo and are being cared for by other volunteers with the simple task of fattening them up during winter to be released back to nature in the spring ! 👍

◽ I got to meet and greet a new guy yesterday, however. This is Emppu, he arrived on October 29th and seems to have settled in quite nicely. Whether or not he will be spending the winter here hasn´t been decided yet. A charming little fella ! 💙

...and that´s all you get for now. Until next time, folks ❕❕❕
Welcome Emppu!
It´s been a while, I know...

Emppu is still enjoying the VIP treatment he´s getting at @saijaszoo and will stay here until he will be released back to nature. He´s doing very well and is very lively and energetic.
Emppu´s weight now is 844g (475 on arrival), so he´s right on schedual for gaining that optimal weight* for release in late spring - weather permitting, of course !
* ~1,2kg
Here´s a short video clip from yesterday - Vito the Cat provided some extra sound effects, he´s always a bit annoyed when we fuss about a hedgehog and not him instead... 😊
Awwww! So cute 💓 someone really has a good appetite!
I may share part of my fat with them :) It should be good way to transfer it
Emppu has left us and is now in the care of one of Saija´s colleagues until the time of his release❕
◽ This obviously brings us to the end of this thread, so on behalf of @saijaszoo and myself;
Thank You all for your interest and concern ❕❕❕


Thanks again for taking care of the little ones!
Sunyata diaspora
Team Sintti: Thank you so much, i've been following this thread for a long time now, so precious creatures! <3