It will be interesting to see how the EU countries reciprocate (to my knowledge this is largely for the individual countries to decide, the EU can only give recommendations). Once the first cases of Brits being deported from Spain, France etc because they didn't register there hit the tabloids the uproar will be huge.

With his majority in place, Johnson chips away at EU citizen's rights

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And the first warming signs are already showing up, as usual the better off are mostly fine while the poorer suffer:
Tensions between people and peoples will rise. I hope we can all be civil about all of it, but I fear the wrong people will be blamed. Again.
We are entering a very sad period and it will probably last for a decade.
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Irish. Irish are EU citizen and a lot of them live in UK. Do they have a special status?
Yes, Irish, for example, are eligible to vote in all elections and I believe that they will maintain their right to live and work here (but I would have to check about the latter).
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OK. And about Northern Ireland? How this "wall-without-wall" would work?
According to the Brexiteers the "border-without-a-border" will work with the famous UNICORN technology.
The non-existent wall, like Brexit itself is a folly.
logger diaspora
Yeah i know that tech, we use it a lot too. That's why i would to know how exactly it will works

I can't figure a concertina fence and border patrols in Ireland (not without civil war) and i don't trust in high tech fantasy. The fact is UK border is in France now, cause a border in the middle of the sea is nonsense

So, how this UNICORN tech will work without fence in Ireland? BoJo has a partnership with Hogwarts for a magical wall? He hopes EU will do the job?
How to neuter Brexit
I don't know whether this has legs, but it's sort of interesting..
@harry haller well, it would be the wet dream of many Brexiteers, as it would mean that any Brit born before Brexit would continue to enjoy free movement to the EU countries as an EU citizen, but on the other hand non-British EU citizens would not have free movement to the UK as the UK isn't in the EU any longer. Having your cake while eating it, fantastic! published that, @harry haller? I know the Russians have been instrumental before in this whole mess, but I doubt their presence at the negotiation table.
Actually, thinking about that a bit longer, it would not surprise me if they were.
Is this site giving directions to Cummings?
No, that isn't The name got bought and then split up between companies, in fact, it's quite a common name for regional newpapers as well. is for russians.
In fact, the site is a bit weird. But all the main stream stuff is right wing, like in britain - so what's new ????? oh it's russian.....
it's dem foriners agin
Am reading russian media, more leftist than main stream, and in the comments it's surprising how the problems people are now having are similar, whther in the UK, Germany, FRance, Britain or Russia. There's a surprising similarities between the governments and the polices.

Guess who are complaining also about the decline of their health system, the pensions, lack of jobs, and the corruption of the super rich who are ruling them? All the above mentioned.
Are you trying to convince me that a site, that has in its header is trustworthy? They chose to put that on their page, didn't they?

Sadly, you might be right. Perhaps (even if it's URL is in .com) is closer to the source than many of the British media...
I'm definitely not trying to say it's trustworthy.
If you read this it might clear up the confusion about why a site has "" as a banner, even though it isn't :) - Wikipedia The former URL, giving access to the English language part of the web site, now redirects to the domain
see also Pravda - Wikipedia ... confusing
This might interest you if you're interested in what's going on in russia and the way politically intersted people are thinking. It sums up Putin's New Year 4 hour (!) press conference. Apart from that, though, the really interesting part is the readers comments, from right and left wing, which go one for ten pages. It's an intersting discussion to follow.
It's a google translation of the moderately left-wing sovross site:
V. Putin corrects journalists: “Not failure, but decline”
@harry haller that will certainly be interesting to follow.