An animal shelter in Ireland laid out toys for Christmas and let the dogs come in and choose which toy they wanted. (vid at the end of page)

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Adorable Shelter Dogs Get to Joyfully Pick Their Own Christmas Gifts
YaY. Sqeeee...
I saw the vid for much cuteness!!
:0)) <3
the little guy with the green bone toy XD happiest happy ever
i also noticed the shelter announced they were closed for the chrissy holidays so people cant just grab a puppy as a last-minute gift. I like these folk!
I agree with that policy..
Too many people think "ooh lets get a puppy for xmas"..
Then a few weeks later they don't want the responsibility it entails looking after them ..
So not fair on the pet... :0(
I think they're all too cute... :0)
I think the policy is a good idea..too many people get a dog, and then realize it's a lot of commitment to look after them..!!
i think it's a great policy too. Folks do get caught up in the fun and glee and what's more fun and glee than a puppy? Then comes the reality and, as you say, no prior thought to the commitment required. If shelters close for the season, less puppy-grabbing.
Too cute! Closing during the holiday season is indeed a great idea. Dogs are no Christmas presents
I also believe in ADOPT NOT SHOP..!!
Too many animals are euthanized too...