:: 44-011 WDoS GCE 8 [SWL]Sal ::

Fan art of my character in 'Secret World Legends' game! It's Sal! Yes, it is this same Sal as [this RO one]. She continues being a gunslinger in this game, just with modern firearms.

This is for a dA group challenge event [here] that has 3 prompts: past, present, future -- I will put this under Prompt 2: Present.

Oh, background is edited in Krita, using a screenshot I took.

Originally from my dA Eclipse post [here].

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Illustration by Early Onion (that's me). Secret World Legends concepts and characters © Funcom Oslo.
★ If sharing/reposting, please credit me and link back to my dA page/post. Please do not use, edit, copy, trace, plagiarise, steal, and/or commercialise my work in any way without my permission. Thank you.
Thank you!
I love this style of artwork...great stuff