Still experimenting and have added transparent bubbles

I know that I have posted this before but after a lot of trial and error I have managed to add a transparent bubble stream. I'm chuffed about this and have managed to fill in some of the self isolation time doing things like this
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@Christoph S Thanks, I used to make Flash aquariums and it was easy to add bubbles by using a snippet of action code borrowed from the internet. In a gif there is no easy way to do this so they had to be handcrafted but now I have this animation don't be surprised to see bubbless and transparent things appearing everywhere.
Is it possible to reduce the speed of the fish? They're really fast
@Christoph S .. It is very easy to do so. I have created these animations on an old computer and they display slower on that. If you can open it in an animation program that displays the frames it is just a matter of adjusting the frame speed. I use a really ancient program called Jasc Animation Shop
@Dave Sutton If you don't slow down the fish, you'll have to create a whirlpool ;)
@Pufcorn ... Now that is a brilliant idea, should keep me busy for the next two years
Still looks a bit fishy to me @Dave Sutton... 🤣
Once upon a time I had twelve tropical fish tanks, much to Dot's dismay, I now just make virtual ones
Hello @Craig Long hope you are staying safe and keeping well
Shit. Two years is too long... Me and my big mouth... ;)