Nationalism Destroying Science

And an idiotic populace is exactly what nationalists need

If this is happening in AI research, how much is happening in other fields that are going unreported?
Last year respected Dutch scientist and Professor of Information Retrieval at the University of Amsterdam Maarten de Rijke had six publications accepted by SIGIR 2018, the world’s top conference in the field of information retrieval. De Rijke was a scheduled panelist and, along with with his students, was organizing a workshop and presenting a tutorial for the conference at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA. However, because de Rijke had spoken on data science in Iran in November 2017, his US visa application was denied.

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Incredible ignorance and non-humanism. Very soon they will pay for that.
Many already are, and have been for years due to climate change. Unfortunately, they tend to be the underprivileged.
not for too long anymore. this dinosaurs will be gone soon.