The very last thing that we will ever need

#coffin #eu #mywork #skeleton #3d #gif #animation #uk #brexit a kick out of the flag on the coffin....
@Dave Sutton - Good to know you are still well enough to spend time online and improving your animations. :^) So, now you're the Dava Lisa? :^D
@Violante de Rojas .... Glad that you noticed

@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ ... I'm very lucky, my health is very good and my family refuse to treat me as an old person
Sort of the way I've been feeling recently.
@Craig Long ..... Sounds like I better pop over to see you, borrow Kathy's Mustang and go out on the razzle
@Dave Sutton - I had to look up "out on the razzle"! Just don't drink and drive. :^)
We will drink prune juice like wot Worf does
Maybe @Craig Long can drive, drink prune juice and I will drink the ouzo and ice.
@Dave SuttonPrune juice is about the strongest drink I can have.
@Dave Sutton - I haven't had prune juice in decades! I don't think I've ever had ouzo.
My Dot eats prunes but I detest them, fortunately we both love ouzo. I do drink a lot of almond milk, I love it.
@Dave Sutton - I was accidentally served almond milk in an espresso beverage recently, but I haven't tried it by itself. I like almonds and I like milk. So, I suppose it can't be but so bad. :^D
I drink it by itself and get through about 3 litres a week. It has just a slight taste of almonds and I prefer the unsweetened one. I have to be careful what I eat and drink because I have had my gall bladder removed and I really should avoid the ouzo, @DavïÐ Låzårµ§
@Dave Sutton - Wow! 3 litres in a week? I don't even drink that much milk in a week. Well, I say "drink". I use milk to make oatmeal. So, I use maybe 170ml of milk a day.

I'm sorry to hear about your gall bladder issue. If I may ask, what happened?
@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ I went into hospital to have gall stones removed but the gall bladder was in such a bad state they removed it. The operation was a success because I feel so much better for it, all I have to do is be careful what things I eat and drink and any milk products do not now agree with me. My diet is loads of fruit, very little red meat, no fatty stuff, not much alcohol, loads of salad and vegetables and not too much sugar.
@Dave Sutton - I'm glad you feel better.
I have been very lucky as I had very little wrong with my health, probably a lot to thank Dot for as she really looks after me.
@Dave Sutton - I'm glad Dot takes good care of you. 😊
She has not taken to hiding the Ouzo bottle yet
@Dave Sutton - You've got to have some fun, right. Just in moderation.