education and coding, perfect. welcome aboard!
Well this place seems like other social networks, but friendly.
Now I understand how it works a little more, I'm bothered that I've spammed a load of # tags with a new here message. But in my defence I was pretty much told to do so by the server 🙄
All good, nothing bad with a couple of Hashtags
Hi and welcome, Steve!
Welcome here !
welcome ٩(♥◕‿◕♠)۶
I like Kubuntu but that is about it. I have Win 10. :) Not going the Linux route again. I'm like a person lost in a hedge maze with Linux... sighs
@Samantha Joewelcome :)
you could try linux mint,it's alot like windows in many ways and runs really well on most any gear :)
Mint drove me bonkers. :( If I was to dualboot it would be with Kubuntu again. <3
@Samantha JoeKubuntu is cool too :)
mint just seemed to run better on some of my older gear,I'm no expert so may have been user error on my part lol :P

Welcome Steven :)