Can an Algorithm Be Racist? | Mind Matters
No, the machine has no opinion. It processes vast tracts of data. And, as a result, the troubling hidden roots of some data are exposed
It is important to differentiate between the algorithm model and the data it processes. Therefore it is dangerous to blame the algorithm without understanding why.

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Can an Algorithm Be Racist?
"Algorithm" has become an ambiguous term, and I find something hypocritical to this headline. "Algorithm" has now to common sense the meaning of a machine's will. It's true that the machine's will in this case is formed of multiple ingredients, only one of which is an algorithm in the ancestral sense, while "racist bias", if any -- and assuming "deep learning" -- comes from a distinct ingredient, "data".
"If the input is wrong, so is the output".
That's false, the truth is, if logic is respected, if the output is wrong, so is the input, and if the input is right, so is the output.