Hello and a big welcome

to everyone new to diaspora\*

We're so pleased that you've decided to give diaspora\* a try. It's fantastic that you've joined us!

We hope that you quickly find your way here, and enjoy getting connected with people and content.

Here's a few tips for getting started:
  • There are some step-by-step tutorials on our project website covering the basics of how diaspora* works, and how to get connected with people. There's a link to these in the side-bar, should you ever want to read them in future, and there's also an in-app Help section you can access through your user menu (at the right-hand end of the header bar).
  • You can search for people by name or by diaspora* ID (which looks like an email address), if you know it, from the search field in the header bar. You can invite people to join you in diaspora* by sending them a link to our project website, from where they can choose their own pod to register with. Your friends don't need to be on the same pod as you in order to connect and communicate with you.
  • One good way to start getting connected with people is to start following some #tags of subjects that interest you (maybe #music, #photography, #linux, or #activism ... whatever interests you) so that you will see content on those topics in your stream. You can then start following people whose posts you find interesting, by placing them into one of your aspects.
  • If you have any questions, post something with the #question or #help tag, and people will try to help you. Make sure to make your post public so anyone who can help is able to see it!
diaspora\* has some very simple community guidelines, which we hope everyone will feel able to follow so that all members can have the best possible experience here.

We're trying to improve diaspora* all the time, fixing bugs, honing performance and adding new features. But how fast we can do this is limited by the time developers have. To improve diaspora* faster, we need more developers! If you've just signed up and can code, or know someone who can and who might be interested in joining our team, get in touch!

<3 diaspora\*

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I thought the whole idea was to get away from the censorship?
I see this place isn't any less toxic than the platforms that drive people here lol
Robin diaspora
enjoy the censorship and double standards
That depends a lot on the pod and it's community. My pod is a "family" pod and makes no bones about it. That's what I prefer, and why I chose this pod.

Other pods shamelessly permit every kind of expression you can imagine.
That depends a lot on the pod and it’s community.
true, to some extent. if that were the whole story, it would be no problem.
My pod is a “family” pod and makes no bones about it.
i dont think thats the problem. its perfectly ok for there to be family pods.

free speech is primarily about governments, but reducing it entirely to that is a problem-- if a culture moves along a trend of adding more and more "exceptions" to free speech, it affects the way the government treats it as well. no matter how you try to separate the issues, a culture that does not care about free expression produces (and allows) a government that does not protect free speech.

its not the individual instances that matter-- its the overwhelming trend of control that is the problem.

diaspora is treated as a solution to this, while most pods* are run by people who are eager, willing and proud of their exceptions to free speech. i find their hypocrisy despicable. their concept of freedom is slated, **and it follows the same trends as facebook. the way they display their features as though theyre fundamentally different is simply laughable-- particulary when there are other services that actually deliver on this. and they are discouraged and criticised for it.

basically, people are talking about how diaspora is a free speech platform, but the same people are simultaneously campaigning for more than one restriction on speech (ones that arent even illegal.)

saying this platform is more free, while working to make the internet less free than ever? thats pure hypocrisy. this platform claims to be about freedom, but it has to redefine freedom first to make that true.
goobler diaspora
people are talking about how diaspora is a free speech platform
Who is saying that? The project itself has never made any such claim.
this platform claims to be about freedom
The only ‘freedom’ diaspora* claims to offer is the freedom to choose:
  • freedom to choose where your data are hosted (including the freedom to host them yourself);
  • freedom to choose how you present yourself (no real-name rules);
  • freedom to choose with whom you share each post you make (aspects).
There’s also the ‘freedom’ provided by using Free Software. That’s it.

Providing 'free speech' has never been any part of diaspora's mission. Never. The amount of freedom given to what people post is entirely in the hands of the admin of each pod. No one from the project has ever claimed otherwise. diaspora was seized on in the early days by free-speech enthusiasts, among others, but neither the founders nor any of the people who guided the project after the founders moved on have ever made any such claim.

If you want full ‘freedom of speech’, you can host your own pod on your own server (not one rented from a hosting company) so that you are the only person legally responsible for the content you publish. Admins of other pods are, however, fully within their rights to block your content from being published to their users, which you might consider censorship.

If you’ve come to this network under a misapprehension, that’s unfortunate. Hopefully what I’ve written will help to clear the air a bit.
^^ Hear, Hear
bulrush diaspora
What #hashtag should I use if I have a question about Diaspora? I posted a question using "#question" already.
bulrush diaspora
I'm glad to see there are some rational people here. I don't care what your views are as long as they are supported by rational arguments. Even facts help.
bulrush diaspora
This post is really needed for #newbies. I hope it's posted at least once a week. :)
goobler diaspora, the #question tag is a good one to use. Make sure to make your post public, though; otherwise, only people you are sharing with will be able to see it. I just checked your profile and can see no content from you, so I guess you have been posting to your aspects only.
goobler diaspora
I think you're asking that the sites that help people to choose a pod is added to the text of this welcome message. Given that this welcome message is for people who have just chosen a pod, I don't think that's particularly necessary. The information is on the project's website and in other resources for people who have not yet signed up.
bulrush diaspora
@goobler: you are right, I was making posts to "All aspects" not "Public". I will have to post these again to public.
bulrush diaspora
@goobler: I have made several new posts which are public. Can you see them now?
If it's helpful... I can see them.
I can see them too.

Regarding the freedom of speech thing, what I've never understood about the freedom of speech people is that they see demonetization and accounts getting shut down as censorship. Freedom of speech just means you don't face legal consequences, it doesn't mean you get to say whatever wherever without any consequence whatsoever. If you're worried about getting kicked off Youtube or Facebook, just make your own website, no one's stopping you. As much as I hate Facebook and Google, it's a sort of their house, their rules thing, and the only way to make the US constitution apply there is to either hit it with massive regulations, or just outright socialize it, and I have a feeling these free speech advocates wouldn't be on board with either of those.
I disagree if a company is offering a "public" utility, it must abide by the laws of the land it is serving (in this case America which is built of "freedom of speech". Secondly, facebook and google have gone even further than just censoring their own platforms, they (along with those they are in collusion with) have also been assaulting people's sites that they are building as you said to place their videos and blogs on exposing the truth they are censoring, and their sites are being blocked and/or taken down. So this assault on free speech is much more sinister than we can even imagine!
goobler diaspora
It always fascinates me what unexpected turns comments take on a diaspora\* HQ 'welcome' post.
It always fascinates me what unexpected turns comments take on a diaspora* HQ ‘welcome’ post.
I agree. And to think that this is some users' first impressions of diaspora*.
I see them too. For me freedom ends when someone else's begins.
That's the beautiful thing about the Constitution of the United States, Freedom never ends as long as other's are allowed to not only begin, but never end.
Hmm. The freedom I mention is not about the constitutional freedom.
Soon the real freedom (not fake) will come to everyone on this planet of slaves.
You can learn about real constitution of the Earth created by "we the people", not the fake "constitutions" of countries, created by dictators and manipulators.
Soon this will become real. But only if most will want it, but not keep wars, poverty and slavery.
Enjoy! :)
Additionally, be SURE your pod is NOT hosted in the U.S. for obvious reasons.
#Decentralized #untrackable #uncensored
Additionally, be SURE your pod is NOT hosted in the U.S. for obvious reasons.
pretends not to year you (I'm an admin of an instance and the VPS is hosted in the US...)
Well sorry to say it every service provider must obey the rules of governments all around the world. Every service provider around the world aware of those rules in order to keep giving the service
Real freedom is the absence of government control
I think it is impossible 😔
be SURE your pod is NOT hosted in the U.S
Its really doesn't matter for most, only if you not hosted your own server, with your own (libre) bios, running free os without any blobs, etc... If its not the case then you all on their hook, doesn't matter where you hosting physically, even on the Moon, period.
But don't be afraid of your government. Just create conditions to change them and its will happened, its happening right now, if someone not noticed it yet, evil will eat itself, process is started already and its irreversible for sure ;) Amazing thing is forces of universe is not working for the evil.
Yes! As a service provider as soon as you plugged in the internet cable, everybody will be aware of server and service. If you are running it inside without connecting to internet, then you are free whatever you do..
Usually those who complain about pods in the USA or about free speech usually turn out to be part of the great alt-right neo-Nazi russian inspired troll farm pods. There are a half dozen or so of these on the network. They also exist on every major social network on the planet and you just have to block/ignore or segregate them off to jabber at themselves so they don't ruin real communication and cooperation.

Note that Diaspora is generally non-commercial, and that most pod owners are very likely to boot folks who use the network to spam sales flyers or Russian Brides etc.

Criminal use of the network is forbidden and many pods have policies against certain activities that are illegal in their jurisdiction but not worldwide.
Real communication is hard to find any social media sites. It is always about politics and numbers.
laura diaspora
Hi everyone. 'Im new on here, amyone know any good Music Groups? Am also interest in cooking & baking! Would love to make new Friends on here, who could Maybe help me find my way round.
Hi Laura. Welcome :) If you like love songs and oldies, you might like this:

Or something a little more upbeat? -

Let me know what your favorites are :) I've added you in to my Art/Music/Photo aspect and my aspect for Food/Cooking/Baking... we don't really have 'groups' on diaspora but sharing via aspects and specific # Tags on posts that people sort read by. (Aspects are like private shares to a large group of people that the poster allows to see and discuss a post, think of it as a Circle on G+ or a private email list).

I post kind of randomly on both subjects but hope to do more...
I have found hard to take care of circles and it isvery time consuming. I did end up with one circle at G+, so I have one aspect here. I share about many things, about my recipes and cooking too. I try to use hash tags as much as possible, having many interests.
The difference here, if people do not connect to you(meaning if they don't place your account in aspect) or if they don't follow the hashtags you are using they can not see the limited posts.
grin diaspora For discovering people I usually try to find someone who posts about a topic, then see who is making useful comments, then check/follow them, and repeat. :-)
They still haven't made it possible to like replies to comments, and you still can't edit your posts once they've been posted which is a bummer bummer
grin diaspora
@DJ Jimmy Allen …that's a development question; do you believe they are deliberately not implementing it? (If you do then you're pretty wrong.)
I would have no idea Mr. Eye. I didn't know it was a matter of being right or wrong. It's just an observation.
grin diaspora
@DJ Jimmy Allen okay, then, maybe you're just looking for this one:

Comment likes

One of the most common questions in diaspora* is "Why can't I like comments?" Comment likes were available when diaspora* first launched, but had to be removed as the network started increasing in size, because the likes on larger pods they were massively increasing the size of the databases and causing those pods (and therefore the whole network, as other pods continually tried to communicate with the affected pods) to slow down. It's definitely part of diaspora's plans to have comment likes again, but it can't happen while there are still such huge pods unless this problem is solved. We're working on ways to reduce the load on the biggest pods. One of the best ways to do this is to reduce the size of those huge pods, so if you want to help improve diaspora's performance and are registered with one of the biggest pods, do consider moving your account to a smaller pod.

Editing posts

Basic edit features have been added to the protocol. See diaspora_federation pull request 94.

There is a bounty that will be awarded to the developer who implements this feature.

There is currently no indication that someone is working on implementing this feature.


A few people are concerned that posts will be edited to intentionally distort context. More people (based on comment support) think that this will not be a significant problem, and that it is mostly overcome by quoting what you are addressing. Further, there is reportedly consensus among developers that an edit feature must include revision history, which also addresses this concern.


While editing posts is not possible, it's easy to edit and perfect your post, including formatting, using the preview function before you post it. If you really need to change it once you have posted it, copy the text of your post, delete the post, and then correct and repost it. It can also be useful to have a diaspora folder on your computer where you save each post before publishing it. That makes it much easier to republish something if it uses markdown.

A related feature which is often requested is to be able to change the visibility of a post from aspects only to public. However, here there are important privacy considerations: anyone who has commented on the post when it was limited will suddenly find that their comment, made to a limited audience, is now visible to the entire internet without their knowledge or approval. For this reason, it isn't desirable to add this option. Again, if you want to make a limited post public, copy/delete/repost as public.
Thanks for the info that explains it very well
bergotte diaspora
Bonjour à tous.
grin diaspora Egun on zuri ere!