Does anyone here have any experiences with Fairphones?
The idea sounds lovely: a modular built repairable phone running vanilla Android with at least 5yrs support and as a fair trade product.

Anyone can order spare parts.
It really is repairable. See this post by @Mikel Diaspora for an independent report (thanks for the pointer, Mikel).

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Fairphone 3 is just around the corner. Price is a bit steep compared to similar hardware from other brands, but in return you get that modular option and the knowledge that components are produced with decent conditions for people mining resources and producing parts.
I can't affort EUR450,- at the moment, otherwise I would have opted for it immediately.
Devyl diaspora
The Librem 5 is also somewhat modular (not a 'fair trade' product like the fairphone... but 5 years of android support means nothing when you get linux upstream support like on the librem5. And its really yours, has replaceable modem, kill switches and there is just pure linux on it. No tracking crap, no google and now baseband connected to the main ram...
I'm using FP2. Fairly (!) satisfied. Using the free variant of their android. So no google. Using it now for both private and work means. It has place for two sim cards, and you can have different user accounts. But i would like to make it more free. Then I can't have it in my job. ...
I use the Fairphone 2 since 3 years. The camera is rather low quality, I installed Fairphone OS and all in all I'm happy with it. For me it has been a clear decision. I wanted to have a smartphone and I wanted to have a fair product. I think its not too expensive, the others are too cheap.
FP2 from 2016 with Lineage OS 16 (Android 9 Pie) here. I Still like it very much, it is my daily driver. reaľly stable case, fell down many times, but nothing ever broke.
FP3 looks nice, but FP2 hat a lot of kinderkrankheiten, so early adopters had to endure some difficulties. Could be similar with FP3, but the xompany learned a LOT from FP1+FP2. Communoty support is really really good, company support got better, they were a bit overrun in the beginning. if you're a xomplete novice user, some things might be a bit tricky. but you can get help from the forum, from a local 'fairphone angel' or any repair café near you.
Chewie diaspora
I have a fairphone 2, and its good, except it doesn't like charging in really hot temperatures, eg, boom festival in Portugal during the height of summer... It overheated and its been a 'bit wonky' ever since. My other half's iPhone just displayed a big yellow triangle and has been fine since.
Still, it is worth the minor problems as it confronts a serious problem with our locked-in throwaway society.
Ty all for your inputs.