Hello, I share most of your interests, I am an #anarchist advocating and writing #foss, also having interest in #esperanto. It is nice to meet you.
Bienvenue et wellcome.
With all your interests centers U'll probably bring us many new ideas:)! I don't talk Esperanto, sorry:(!
Welcome..just feel yourself at home and get comfy..
Krutor diaspora
Hi welcome on D*
draven Diaspora
Hello and welcome :D
May the Fediverse bring joy :)
Welcome aboard!
Just in case U don't know? The idea of Fediverse, whom Diaspora, Framasoft and Mastodon are part, we fight #Google in not using it if possible. Mind to exchange the links by for example preventing U to tracked:)? Scheers I've never heard of so I'll have to check it out, thanks.
@Hazy Skye: Estas aŭtomata redirekto suplementon por Firefox: kaj vi eble ankaŭ interesiĝos pri PeerTube:
You can also use to view tweets without being tracked by Twitter
@Trocatintas: Cool! Good to know that. Thanks! I have found a redirector Firefox addon for too:
@Hazy Skye U're welcome:)! Usefull links ofen comes from others members as that one had been sent by a posters, it's normal i spread the news:)! For else we go further by exchange, i think:)! Scheers
A very warm welcome to you, @Hazy Skye!
Saluton! Bonvenon! @Hazy Skye
Ĝi daŭras iom, sed mi trovas iuj esperantistoj en diaspora*...

@Hazy Skye,, @tuxmain kaj aliaj esperantistoj ĉi tie: Dankon por @Notxor ekzistas XMPP ĉambro por babili esperante:

@Miloslav Číž: you can learn Esperanto quite fast. I also just started learning it this year. In this post you can find my reasons (resonating with anarchy) for learning Esperanto.
@Gergely (∀E∃A) I used to learn Esperanto for a while, I've gotten as far as being able to read Call of Cthulhu in it (with a dictionary). I also think it's an awesome language, for its neutrality, simplicity, efficiency etc. I just haven't used it for a while so I've forgotten what I've learned.
@Miloslav Číž: Then why don't you refresh your Esperanto and joint the XMPP chat room? ;-)
Saluton kaj bonvenon!
Saluton, amiko!
Saluton kaj bonvenon