W O W !!! Oh boy... what a guy !

I made a free alternative to Photoshop, that is used by 7 million people. Ask me Anything!

Hi, my name is Ivan Kutskir, I am 29 y.o. and I live in Prague, the Czech Republic. I created Photopea , an advanced image editor which works in a web browser. There were 7 million visitors in July.

I started to work on it in 2012, the first version was published in 2013, it was just my hobby until 2016, when I graduated and started to work on it full-time. I did not fully "believe" in Photopea until 2017, when I started to monetize it (with ads) and was able to make $400 a month :)

I had an AMA on Reddit over a year ago and I would like to tell you what happened since then :)
  • the number of users doubled (again)
  • my income doubled
  • I added the support for text on a curve, smarter selections, opening Figma files, puppet warp, content-aware scale, improved PDF support and more
  • I reached 2,300 solved issues on Github!
  • Photopea still wasn't acquired by anyone, even though I received several offers of an investment
I still work on Photopea alone, but I would like to hire more people. I would like to start making a video editor, too, at some point. Ask me Anything! :)

You can follow Photopea on Facebook or Twitter! Proof: I put a link to this AMA here!

Photopea is an advanced editor and it is hard to learn simply by using it. I wrote a manual here: .
btw, there's a #podcast on Ivan Kutskir and Photopea...

bestest comment on #reddit:

Adama0001 3.4k points · 8 hours ago
You made documentation?

What kind of unholy programmer from the abyss are you? Don’t let our bosses find out or we’re screwed.
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