Sadly not many examples, but still very interesting: Sprechen Sie Texas-Deutsch?

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Back then, when when Gorbatchev was the young soviet leader, I was two(?) times in Georgia. The locals showed us German newspapers, not from Georgia, but from Kazakhstan. Of course, these were good communist newspapers.
But on the last page, there were stories which had nothing to do with politics. These were fairytails, old and funny stories and the like.
One must know: These Germans were expelled by Stalin in WWII from their homeland at the Volga river. And their ancestors coma in the 18th century from southern Germany o to Volga.
And so was the german language in the soviet newspapers: very, very old fashioned for any German.
@Rainer "diaspora" Sokoll interesting. I vaguely knew of the Germans in that region, interesting to hear this.

Come to think of it, I have a vague memory of a French person telling me that the French spoken in Canada can sound a bit "old-fashioned" at times to a French speaker from France. I don't know if that's true or not. Not sure if I have any French people following me here or possibly reading this post who can confirm or deny.