Surprise, surprise...

Trump Family Trusts Are Invested in Hydroxychloroquine Maker

#corruption #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
Freaking con man-baby...
Yup. No matter if a few tens of thousands die.. a small cost of his "doing business" (as usual) - because after all, as Michael Cohen testified, Trump's only orientation towards the Presidency was "a great place to build his brand". Now his brand and family investment is in Hdroxy: "Try it, you'll like it!" Step Right Up!
From the moment Dumpy realized he had actually won the election in 2016 (he didn't actually expect to win), he decide that he and his family and his criminal butt buddies would take the U.S. Government for all it was worth and profit from it -- steal as much as they could get away with. Just look at who he appoints to his cabinet. These people are basically looters.
Who woulda thought?????