:: 43-026 [RO]Not in Doram Clothes ::

It's 11am on a #Caturday morning and the Dorams are here, heheheh...
Probably the last of my Doram fan art for the time being.


A sketch! Just me fooling around with Ragnarök Online/RO Dorams. I was imagining what it would be like if Dorams (cat race) wore Norman's (human race) uniforms.

On the left is a random Doram in Archbishop uniform.
On the right is my other Doram (not 'Un') dressed in Rebel uniform. And uh, that's not a mole on her cheek. Thats where one of her whiskers used to be.

Originally from my dA [here].

#ragnarokonline #art #mywork #illustration #deviantart #chibi #anime
Illustration by Early Onion (that's me). RO concepts and characters by Lee Myoung-Jin.
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