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the #light of #freedom ....
Y A diaspora
yes, women should bring out their male sides without giving up or losing their female ones, or, even better would be if they reinforce their female energies and add the good male ones... but, I personally know only one woman who is such human being, strong in her female attributes and strong in her male ones... well, she is an artist all her 74 years
please charlie ..
every "movement" has all kinds of people in it we all know that.

this is the age of the mob, shitstorms, Pranger and lynching, nothing paticular of #metoo

empowering people to speak their mind creates all kind of waves and apparently all kind of excesses

see it as an evolutionary step on a path not a single event

my son's exgirlfriend was abused when she was 7 by a neighbor she adored, the actual feminist movement empowerd her to speak her mind. that pathed the way so her older sister managed to comment the abuse she sufferd by their step father
now that exgirlfriend is like the scene on the pic here in toxic macho latinamerica, with me sitting next to her at the barbecue smilling and supporting her with "well done!" comments after the machos have left battered like a beaten dog

.. it's evolution baby ..
Victims are guilty to be victims. Easy way to avoid problems
Victims are guilty to be victims. Easy way to avoid problems
of course ..
ask "the jews" ..
@mʕ•ﻌ•ʔm jeSuisatire bitPickup / [italic]~ irony
I am 100% supportive of women standing up for themselves. Horrific abuse like your son’s ex girlfriend experienced as a child is not what the MeToo movement was about. It was about Hollywood movie stars, TV newscasters, and US Senators getting another fifteen minutes of fame by complaining about a man who may or may not have briefly touched the woman on her arm or her chest, or her butt while in public but saying nothing at the time; then twenty years later, making a complaint—not to the police, but to the press--with no proof whatsoever. I found that cowardly and venal. Many of the MeToo women had sex with important people to get a movie part, then went on to become famous movie stars. So these women granted the sex and benefitted from the sex—then, ten or twenty years later they made a big announcement in the press with no real proof. Some men were guilty and some men were innocent—but that didn’t matter because for some reason, many millennial women believe that ALL MEN MUST PAY!

And you know what good came out of it? A few rich men lost their jobs, a few famous women got a some salacious publicity (sparking lagging careers), and your son’s ex-girlfriend's sexual abuse, (which was way worse than any MeToo complainer), was left in the closet. More little girls will be abused, it didn’t help them at all. It didn’t help reduce domestic violence at all. Rape victims with actual police reports and proof were not helped one bit! The MeToo movement never addressed the very real sexual harassment suffered by the ordinary people like factory workers, waitresses, schoolteachers, nurses, doctors, secretaries. These ordinary women got absolutely nothing from all the hype generated by #MeToo.

MeToo was an elitist movement for the already privileged to monetize consensual sex and inappropriate flirting between adults. That’s all it was.

lf a man makes an inappropriate comment to me or makes inappropriate contact with me, do you know what I do? I address it then and there, with a harsh look or a slap and then I make sure that man is not anywhere in my life after that. All those self-serving MeToo-ers should have led by example, showing women how to be strong, and how you deal with bullshit from men when it happens. Instead they showed a hundred million ordinary American women that you must be rich or famous to be heard. So, in reality, those MeToo women hurt the vast majority of average women with average jobs and average lives.

It was a small, elitist movement comprised of a few privileged women who are cowardly, unethical, and sneaky. Their motive was profit, not women’s rights. I’m glad it’s over.
@Charlie 10 is truly block-worthy. The "elitist" leader of the #MeToo movement is Tarana Burke, whose biography is anything but "elitist": "Burke was born in The Bronx, New York, and raised in the area.[1] [2]She grew up in a low-income, working-class family in a housing project and was raped and sexually assaulted both as a child and a teenager." Fuck you, Charlie.
@Dean Barnett
Fuck you right back, Dean.

I’m guessing you are a die hard Bernie bro. btw, no one but you ever heard of Tarina what’s-her-name. Which proves my point.
Then you are a lucky person to know that artist.
I would like to see that kind of women as a role model more often. Millicent Fenwick, a US House Rempresentive was such a woman. She was respected by men and women alike and both US political parties wanted her to run for president. Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, and many others are great examples of strong women with both feminine and masculine aspects, I’d like to think that Mae West was the same in real life as she was in movies because she portrayed a strong feminine woman too. Gloria Steinem is also such a woman

I think what makes these women special is their courage. We should praise these women, like you just did, whenever we can to encourage those traits in young women.

Btw, the same kind of balance applies to men. The best men are the ones who are strong in character, but are also not afraid to show tenderness and love—both of which are considered female traits.
Redj2 Diaspora
The best men are the ones who are strong in character, but are also not afraid to show tenderness and love—both of which are considered female traits.
Bien dit!

It's important to me to clarify that I really appreciate you (and of course I still do), to the point you can know about some stranger in a real social network like ours.
(real social even if some, maybe even me myself or other's some times, maybe on a bad day, might write ugly stuff out here).

I somehow totally do agree with your explanatory comment but with the little difference that it's one point of view onto a very brought(?) reality. Like you are focusing from yourself and your standpoint and experience on to this story, from your angle, nobody sees the whole picture ..

except YA almighty
In other words I still consider my point of view valid and think that your point of view only shines a light on some part of the whole picture.

Somehow I actually found astonishing "the surprised outrage" on the issue of shiny Hollywood as I consider everyone expected this to be the reality behind the scenes. Their for I would have expected more kinda:
"In the end they are coming out!"

How to explain:
It's a little bit like the Snowden revelations. I mean, was there anybody really astonished about the truth, or was it more like "we all new already but didn't have the prove in our hands".

Or take gay people movement, for example sports men coming out. Nobody in his sane mind was surprised about the fact, the existing reality. In any case it's more like "so this is the one who is in fact living that kind of reality."

You sound like the mother of my children, kinda by live experience hardened person who had the chance to grow up in an environment that somehow schooled her and gave her the chance to evolve the correct way meanwhile others had "bad luck" and didn't.

The intention of my comment was to point out where certain positions and phrasing might end or lead to, kinda water on the mills of people on the far right and in this case the patriarchy machos. Normally I refuse to give Godwin law examples because it's kinda eternal destructive law, but also "the exception proves the rule" so I gave it a try.
My jew comment was written in italic so, as my name states, it wasn't mend word by word but mean ironic and sad sarcasm.

If we look at it from a certain perspective you can say that their are similarities. The pussy grabber incident ended with the phrase "and they like it!".
No doubt that the Drumpf dick is totally convinced of that fact.
Actually everybody likes pleasure it if it's done "the right way", but those idiots don't know "the right way" and literally, think their acts are welcomed because they are ill, literally insane and need at least a psychiatrist.
Instead they rule the world.

The latest feminist movement, which actually addressees very different stages of emancipation in different societies, depending on the respective reality. The youth in south america, especially in the southern part has formed the "ni una menos" (meaning kinda "not one less, not one more") movement, as femicide is rampant in these countries. The actual stats blow my mind and I never had expected that data.
"If you don't talk about it it doesn't exist."

What about rape victims that rape themselfs when they are grown up?
Clerics that maybe were abused as childs, became used to the fact that that reallity exists and ended up doing the same.
Are hey vitims and perpetrators at the same time?

It is true that their are people that think and say that "the jews had it coming because they let it happen, a proof that they are weak". That's as mean as it can get.

Why did you used a short skirt?

Why aren't you able to defend yourself or run away said the snake to the mouse, while the mouse was sitting in a fight or flight riggid.

You can describe the spectrum of your view and experience without judging.
We learn from experience and from passing on experience so others can learn from it, why make a judgement?
On your f** you ban them conflict @Dean Barnett:
The G+ refugee community brought this ban ideology over her and it's becoming really "unter aller Sau" lately.
Who the f** you think you are to tell other people to ban people?
Do what you have to, ban reality and real people with their good and bad, and live in your stupid bubble of self righteousness, but stop telling us what to do!

Sincerely, it's disheartening for me to see how lovely people like ..
(she's actually a famous actress
who's hiding out here did you know that?)

.. who created the bridge from g+ to over here has to witness this lynch mob going around trying to create a very own righteous totalitarianism.

You should be ashamed of yourself.
Have a look at your own closet, it's as full of lies as every body else's.
I have anything to do with the US @Charlie, you know that, but I am a BernieBro, a WarrenBro, a AOCbro and everything the MSM want's to make people believe exist and I represent.

As someone from the outside of your pain full society and it's actual horrible Zeitgeist there is only one message for all of you:
We, the rest of the world are observing you, not from a save distance, all the contrary, there is no save distance in this world from your empire, much less in this surveilld internet.

¡Stop hating on each other!

Your behavior, all of you, is proving that the fascist Drumpf and his allies, and yes, MSM brought him into power because it was good ratings, they all are his allies, they all have won already.
¡divide et impera!

He won and your behavior is the proof, you all became nuts under the pressure of daily latest news bombardment about tiny hands.

To be sincere, the world won't miss you if you destroy yourself in a civil war. Nobody misses the soviet union either. Even tho i will spend my tears for the victims of your violent society, as always, doesn't matter if it's the victims of the chickens that come home to roost or the very chicken them self.

For a simple reason, I refuse to stop being a humanist, they wont win me over, they can kill me, burn me, gas me, torture me.
"Than they will have my body, but never eradicate my human compassion."

Every German visits a concentration camp when he/she/it is about 15 and we tell them as our fathers told us:
"We did this! What are you going to do so it will never happen again?"

My inner response when I left the place was simple:
"What do I have to do to never become "we"?"
You called for banning people @Dean Barnett?
Ok than, I just banned you from my sight, I hope you are pleased now as you achieved your goal.

¡divide et impera!

@mʕ•ﻌ•ʔm jeSuisatire bitPickup / [italic]~ irony

I wanted to plus 10+ about eight points you made in your comment. It was beautiful. And deeply insightful. Thank you for taking the time to respond the way you did. I sincerely appreciate it.

You are right, I can be too hard sometimes. I am a passionate person and sometimes I fail to appreciate another’s viewpoint because a particular issue hits me so hard. I have to work on that. I am a fierce defender of human rights. I don’t just talk the talk—I also walk the walk. I hate abuse of any kind. And sometimes it is hard for me to step back when I see something that is supposed to be used as a protection being used instead to do harm.

I have resented the MeToo movement ever since it destroyed a very good man’s life in 2018. He was a US Senator. Before going into politics, he was an author and an comedian. Like Zelensky. ;). You may have seen him on Saturday Night Live if you get that over there. His name is Al Franken and he is the sole reason we were able to appoint a special prosecutor for this whole trump disaster. He is the reason trump will be remembered in infamy because Franken was the only senator who stood up to the US Department of Justice. That is a very brave thing to do.
Several female US Senators felt like Franken was getting too much press coverage and becoming too popular—they saw him as an obstacle in their path to a presidential run in 2020. One of them was Senator Elizabeth Warren who is, in fact, now running for president.

In late 2017 the MeToo movement was really hopping in the US and a right wing female sports personality accused Senator Franken of sexual impropriety. A scandal ensued. Franken was innocent, that was clear to everyone except the extremists at the far left of the MeToo set. They were out for the blood of any man who even looked sideways at a woman. They took things way too far. It was as though they were incapable of rational thought or objective assessment. They just wanted all men to die.

The US Senate is one of the more staid chambers of our government. Scandals are rare there. And two female democratic Senators decided they wanted to hop on the MeToo train to get some name recognition for themselves. Their names are Gillibrand and Warren, and they decided that Franken needed to lose his senate seat so they could teach Republican (conservatives/right wing) senators a lesson—as if republicans are even capable of shame or able to learn lessons. Al Franken is a Democrat too just like the women who tore his life to shreds. Working with him every day for ten years, they knew he was a gentle, funny, decent man, and they should have supported him against this political whack job by an avid trump fan. But that is not what happened. That conniving republican trump-loving sports personality and trump got their way. It was a ploy to boost her radio ratings and a way for trump to get rid of Franken. Elizabeth Warren and this Senator Kristen Gillibrand proceeded to tear Senator Franken to pieces and a few months later, forced him to vacate his seat in the US Senate. He'd asked the Senate to investigate the allegations (knowing full well they were lies), but Warren and Gillibrand refused to allow an investigation and made him resign without ever being heard.

Now you have to understand that Senator Franken was known as a strong defender of women’s rights. He is also a very sweet man. It would be hard to find a nicer guy. Married to the same woman for 30 years, kind, and very very funny. And very smart. It didn’t matter The female US Senators formed a self righteous coalition that forced Franken out. I am sure you know what a lying, conniving, piece of dirt trump is, and his followers will do anything he asks. These female democratic senators knew that too. But they didn’t care. The were purists and would not even stand for a hint of a rumor about Franken. So they ruined a really good man’s life and deprived American citizens of an excellent Senator who would have gone on to fight for women’s rights and racial equality in the Senate.

About a year later, in early 2019, all the major new outlets were saying that Franken got a raw deal, he shouldn’t have been treated like that, he should still be a senator, blah, blah, blah— even though the media were his worst prosecutor. Warren never looked back. And now she’s on the short list for president of the US.

This is why I hate the MeToo movement. Privileged women took a movement that could have had an enormous impact on how women and girls are treated in this country and they threw it away. The main MeToo focus in this country was female movie stars, female newscasters, and female US Senators. Then it fizzled out to an unpleasant memory. There are real horror stories that should be being told, like your son’s ex-girlfriend and worse, but they’re not. Laws should be being drawn up that would curtail those atrocious abuses, but none are. And instances of really terrible sexual abuse will never see the light of day for another fifty years. But to Warren, it was worth it because she may just be president by this time next year.

By the way, if Franken were running for president now instead of the motley crew we have, EVERYBODY would be voting for him. He is that smart and that decent and that likable. Like a white Obama. I hope that helps you understand why I was so critical of the MeToo thing. But I am glad you called me on it. I need that every once in a while. And you did it in a lovely way, So, thank you again.
I follow Al's podcast channel on YT.
Probably only because he has a marbelous voice and is so well spoken.
(and because he interviewed my goddess: )

I was aware of what happened to him, also I didn't digg into the details. When the lynch mob rules, it's a waste of time to listen.
It apeared obvious from the very first moment. Also, it is quite disturbing when you see that people like the pervert Cosby exist's. It's like loosing faith in truth, reallity and also your own judgement. At the same time we are forced to stand by the rule of asumption of inocens out of principal, not in the case of Cosby of course. When so many allegations pop up, of course we have to let justice do it's job, but that's more like observing to see if justice will be done.

So thanks for your capability to take your time and reconsider, and thanks for pointing out your considerations on how "the Franken case" went down.
I think in face of reallity in the very moment, Al did the smartest move he could do for the over all outcome.
When the mob is in blood thirsty rage .. let it be.

In germany we say:
"Eine Sau durchs Dorf treiben"
"To heard a sow thru the village"
Whe use that saying when ever a lot of fuzz is done about a nothing bugger, just for entertainment and most likely distraction of the plebs. You know, the sow screams, the people watch and a few have their fun and most likely a big meal at the end of the day.
"They" tried to do the same with Biden:
"He touched my hair!"
I understand that everyone has his own personal safety space behaviour and expectations and what for one person is creepy for another is just fine, or they even never wash their hair again.
But comparing that to a pu*** grabber society is just madness.

Of course we have to learn to readjust or behaviours and views in lot's of aspects, but we only can do it if we become aware of how things are percieved on the other side. So we even need to learn to speak up, having in mind the risk that what we say will be missused by others. Part of reallity of the pendulum is that once it swings to the other side, it will inevitably reach a certain extrem.

By taking a step aside, when he saw that pushing back was energy for the pendulum, Al decided to not only desinflate the baloon, but make it clear that dems shouldn't be like reps. What is it good for if you win by becoming like yor enemy?

If you look at the discussions, there is always certain absolutism, a black and white view.

Right know it's about:
"If they go low, we go high!"
"NO! It doesn't work! If they go low we go low to!"

Most likely it's some times yes, sometimes no.

I guess personally I'm more like:
"When they go low, I go high. When they go lower, I go a littel bit higher. When they go even lower, convinced that I'm stupid and a "Gutmensch", my foot, bend very high backwards behind my back, hit's em in their overconfident unprotected balls as hard as it can get."

btw - I forgot I'm also a total GabbardBro and probably a YangBro.
And we haven't even talked about what they did and are doing right now to Julian Assange, the Rosa Luxembourg of our time.

In the #CCC they have a bullshit bingo:
"When ever their are certain kind of alegations, "childporn", "rape", "terrorism" you can be nearly sure that it's a "Scheinargument"."
Kinda fata morgana argument to smear someone or something because of a goal that has nothing to do with the most likely false alegations.