This little guy is Tämä pikkukaveri on

🐿 O T T O 💜

This approx. 6 week-old squirrel was found in a residential area here in Jyväskylä and was taken in by a family who did their best to take care of the youngster for about a week before coming to the conclusion that it would be better to seek proper help for him - and we thank them for making that decision !
So, here he is at @saijaszoo since yesterday evening - somewhat dehydrated, very tired and a bit malnourished, but showing no visible injuries and expected to recover well at this time.
Otto came in weighing 84 grams, let´s see if with some proper food, warmth and care we´ll be able to change his condition…
Tämän noin kuusiviikoisen oravanpoikasen löysi asuinalueeltaan perhe, joka teki parhaansa pikkukaverin eteen noin viikon ajan mutta päätyi lopulta etsimään asiantuntevaa apua - ja siitä olemme heille hyvin kiitollisia !
Siispä pikkuinen on ollut nyt täällä Saijan hoivissa eilisillasta lähtien - jonkin verran nestehukkaisena, väsyneenä ja ehkä nälkiintyneenä, mutta ilman ulkoisia vammoja. Oletamme tässä vaiheessa, että pikkuinen toipuu hyvin.
Oton tulopaino oli 84 grammaa, katsotaanpas mitä oikeanlaisella ruokinnalla ja lämpimällä huolenpidolla saadaan tilanteessa aikaan..

💕Welcome to the gang, kiddo ! ◽ Tervetuloa jengiin, penska !💕

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Awwww! 💓 First Kille, now Otto! Cuteness overload for today!
Wish all the best for him! We know he's in good care
Saija and I already shared a laugh about the "here we go again" situation yesterday when we discussed about making this post... 😊
So @David Lazarus, @Maria Rachmanidou, @Christoph S and anyone else interested: I will be updating this post the best I can (you guys know the drill already). 👍
Welcome, Otto !
You are in good hands . ♥️🐿
Welcome! Kille and Otto official plusporian pets :)
@Silvia Aldovini This is a bit tricky... Plusporian notpets would be more to the point, don't you think ?!? 😂
Maybe unofficial mascots?
@😺 Team Sintti 😺 In Italian I'd call them "cuccioli" :)
@Silvia Aldovini - Squirrel pups?

I wonder if @Dave Sutton could make an animation depicting them as unofficial Pluspora mascots. :^D
Cannot help thinking of my tomboy grand daughter who always seems to have a selection of poorly animals from mice to birds. Her mother (my daughter) is scared of anything small and furry so it's no fun for her
Otto is already feeling much more energetic and is starting to regain his strength…
He got the idea of the "baby bottle syringe" right from the start and is feeding well - every 3hrs around the clock ! Otto is feeling cozy nesting in a woollen cap (for some reason that works every time!) and doing just fine - although in this short clip he sounds like he´s telling us to eff off 😂😂😂
We say Cucciolo/i for any small mammal. In family to babies too: cucciolino, cucciolotto etc :-))) @David Lazarus
@Silvia Aldovini So that´s perfectly in tune with "kiddo" or "penska" which I used ! 👍
I like the sound of these two words :)@😺 Team Sintti 😺
I'm pretty shure that when summer "really starts" @😺 Team Sintti 😺 will be astonished with number of animals what comes to me 😂
Don´t worry @saijaszoo, I´m not scared of anything! No, wait… maybe you sometimes


Added a few pics from yesterday evening...
@saijaszoo Do you only care for the little animals or do you look after elks or reindeers as well?
@Dave Sutton - Does your granddaughter successfully rehab these creatures?

@😺 Team Sintti 😺 - That's excellent news! I like how he paws at you.

@Silvia Aldovini - Ah, OK.
@Christoph S I take care only small ones. I don't have place where I could keep any bigger animals.
@saijaszoo...She wants to be a vet so if she cannot cure them she takes them to a professional who can
Update❗❗❗ - FEEDING TIME 🐿💙😁
Awwww! Otto is hungry
A milk beard and mustache!
Update❗❗❗ Little Otto is in great shape. He has gained his strength and was moved into a bigger nest box as he isn´t in need of extra heating with water bottles or such precautions any more.
Otto has also decided to cut back on his milk portions and is already starting to nibble on softer nuts - walnuts in his case. So, all in all, things are looking very good at the moment !
Here are a few photos I took yesterday, enjoy!
Nice! 🐾🐿️
He still has warm water bottle beside he's beanie. I take it off when he start moving more out of beanie
Milk and egg yoke for the main course and a grape for dessert! 🍽🐿💜😁
Heartwarming to know that little one will thrive @saijaszoo very kind and caring to all the little injured or orphan animals 🙂💕
Update❗❗❗ Added a little something from yesterday here & here!
Otto is such a cutie!
Very cute! I hope his lack of fear of humans doesn't become his undoing though. Still, you're doing the right thing.
@David Lazarus squirrels like Otto.. they become wild. When they can eat and drink by themselves I don't touch them. Until it's time to move closer to freedom. They might be bit used humans around. But not tamed. Still they will be released places where is safe for them to live.
@saijaszoo - Yes, releasing them in a safe place is definitely important and I know that would be done.
Generally speaking, it´s always a bit sad when a wild animal ends up in human care as it just isn´t the way things should be. Then again, with the proper care a lot can be done and things can end well for an animal, so it´s a bit of a mixed blessing, if you will…
In this particular case, someone was even overjoyed about the recent developments at @saijaszoo - our dear Otto has company! ❗ I´ll be updating you on the situation right here some time tomorrow......
Apologies for the delay, I´ve been a bit busy and couldn´t do this update as promised...

So, Kalle & Ritola have been with us for a couple of days and are living in the same cage with Otto now. The newcomers have been a little tired, weary and shy so far but are strengthening by the day. Basically Otto, who is already familiar with the surroundings, sounds and us has been running circles around them !!! 😂 They seem to get along just fine, though.
Ritola was found after someone saw him falling off the roof of a building (maybe a nest there). Fortunately no major damage, but some nasty bruises that are now healing.
Kalle was caught after repeatedly trying to get in to another building in another part of town.
HERE are the photos of the little rascals and their cage I took on Thursday…
And just that things don´t get boring around here, now there´s this little baby boy who "joined the club" yesterday. I´m starting to realize that squirrel updates might be a big part of my summer ! 😉
I will be visiting @saijaszoo tomorrow so I might have something new then maybe… until then, enjoy the rest of the weekend❗🐿💚
Thanks for the updates and the good news. Your weekends won't be boring this is for sure!
Nice! Thanks! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Really thanks for keeping us updated, it's really a joy

Otto & Kalle are doing all right to say the least, Ritola is a bit of a concern at the moment. He seems to lack energy and was a bit flegmatic today. Let´s wait and see…
No pics of this trio today, I had some technical issues twice today
Pohja is in great shape and just fun to watch !
◽ Earlier this evening we had a new addition to the gang; Milla is the first girl this summer - she was weighed at exactly 100g on arrival and is estimated to be around 7 weeks of age. Milla is kept on close watch and separate from the others for now. She is a bit weary and dehydrated at the moment…
I took one pic of Milla right after her welcome ceremony - a flea bath - which is why she looks like a wet bat and looks at my camera totally pissed off 😂 Also, a few pics of Pohja here and a vid clip here.

That´s about it for now, until next time ! 👋
@😺 Team Sintti 😺 - Excellent! Good to hear that they are doing well overall.
Visited the squirrel gang yesterday… a somewhat lively bunch, I can assure you ! 😁
Milla has now been introduced to Otto, Kalle and Ritola and is living with the boys in the big cage. They seem to get along quite nicely.
At the moment baby Pohja has his own, separate cage from the rest of the gang but will end up with the others eventually.
As you may notice, Ritola is missing from these photos. I chose not to bother him as he remained sleeping in a beanie… He is a bit of a worry for us - while he is eating and functioning and has gained weight quite properly, he remains somewhat unenergetic and apathetic most of the time. We´ll just have to wait and see about this one...
Awww! Thanks for the update! A real cute gang! Kalle looks like a punker with his hair ;) I wish all the best for Ritola and the others!
A rock punk band? :-)
Visited the squirrel gang yesterday…
They´re doing all right - and that includes Ritola, who has suddenly "picked up the pace" and is happily goofing around with the others ! They were all running and jumping all over, but somehow I managed to get a few pics anyway ! 😊
His so tiny and cute @😺 Team Sintti 😺 wonderful to see him thriving with the love and care at @saijaszoo 🙂💕
Awwww! Love the little crew! They are so tiny but so cool!
I'm very happy that Squirrels are becoming a good group of friends.
Ritola included 😊♥️
@Martha McDougall Look at those little cuties!
Just a bit more from last Sunday here and here, starring Pohja 😊🐿💛
Thanks for the update, Pohja has strong personality 😎😍💓
@Christoph S. Super adorable little critter ❤️

Visited the squirrel gang earlier today…
Otto, Kalle, Ritola and Milla are now ready to be released back into the forest ! This may happen either tomorrow or early next week at the latest - that, of course, is decided by @saijaszoo. We´ll let you know…

Pohja has earned his Big Boy diploma and is eating solid food by himself. This means he will get the big cage all to himself as soon as the four are released. However, it seems he won´t be feeling lonely for very long because…

◽ ...there´s a new kid on the block ❗ Julle is a baby boy squirrel who weighed 82g coming in and seems quite well. He will be needing syringe feeding and extra warmth and care for a while, so Saija has got herself a new bosom buddy ! 😁

◽ I took these photos today, the order is Otto, Kalle, Pohja (2), Julle & Pohja, Julle (2)

That´s all for now, until next time ! 👋
So cool!
Yesterday Otto, Kalle, Ritola & Milla left @saijaszoo to a place outside of Jyväskylä where they will be released soon... 👍🏻

◽ Otto, Kalle, Ritola and Milla have been set free… YESSSS!!!

◽The remaining kids - Pohja & Julle - are now occupying the big cage together as Julle has also started eating solid food.

◽I took a few pics yesterday of Pohja (L) and Julle, the squirrel on the last two is Pohja.
Simply adorable! <3 <3 I wish them a lot of fun outside!
Excellent news! Great pics!
Have a nice and safe life -journey Kalle, Ritola and Milla!
BTW, just recently realized you can make emojis bigger the same way you do text.



I had a very pleasurable visit by these guys just before midnight yesterday...😊
These orphaned baby squirrels - about two weeks of age - have been in @saijaszoo´s care for a couple of days now.
Originally there were four, but sadly one female baby died yesterday, most likely of internal injuries. The three others (two boys and a girl) seem to be all right. Looks like Pohja and Julle are going to have some company after these rascals are over syringe feeding - but it´s early days yet, let´s hope for the best...
Fingers crossed! I was midnight? Soon after I realized there should be still light chez @😺 Team Sintti 😺 these days :-))
The Midnight Sun never sleeps @Silvia Aldovini 😁
Yeah! Hope they will grow big enough soon so that the squirrel can form a new gang
Going a bit off topic here, but since some of you are living in Finland, I'd like to ask if you are are familiar with the late Dr. Rauni Kilde? Just curious. She discussed many fascinating and some controversial topics in her many videos.
Well @David Lazarus, squirrels are definitely not the first thing that come to mind upon hearing that name… 😁
I wouldn´t say I´m familiar, but do remember her.
Controversial leaning heavily towards bizarre, if you ask me.
@😺 Team Sintti 😺 - Perhaps, but her videos were fascinating nevertheless. I enjoyed them. Between Rauni, Paul Hellyer, Steven Greer, Phil Schneider and others, they weaved an interesting tapestry. I consider them and a few others the most credible. Jaime Maussan as well.
Well there's a name I haven't heard for a long time. It may be a cultural thing or someone trying to give her a more credible image, but as in Finland we don't refer to people with titles, she was known only as Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde. She was active with her quackery when I was studying at the University of Helsinki and the physicists I hung out with mentioned her a few times (I guess she had attended some public lectures and presented some "interesting" questions).

Nevertheless she is considered a "village idiot."
Correction. These 3 new squirrels are 5-6 weeks old. Baby squirrels open their eues when they are 5weeks old.
@David Lazarus I'm also Finnish. That name doesn't ring-a-bell on me. But ufo-things are not for me. I haven't even seen star wars.. or lord of rings etc
@saijaszoo - I can respect that more than calling someone a quack simply because you don't believe in such. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for caring about these little creatures.
Luukkanen-Kilde was a funny person, as the mostly harmless village idiots used to be. Then social ledia came along and made opinions as important as facts.

Ta ta.

Regarding the last update; While I am perfectly aware of the age of the newcomers,I was apparently capable of typing two while thinking five… Geez ! Sorry about that, folks 😊

Here is a video clip of the trio, enjoy!
Awww <3 <3 super adorable!

◽The latest arrivals (see previous update) were moved to a colleague of @saijaszoo´s as she had a lone rescue squirrel about the same age there, and of course the company was well appreciated. All are doing fine.

◽Julle & Pohja (pics from today in that order) are still here in fine shape and form so in general, everything is A-OK ! 👍
I got a personal visit from this cutie today, as I am still somewhat recovering from a bout of migraine… Felt better almost immediately ! 😊 Anyway, say hi to the new arrival - her name is Tiitu 💕
I´m planning to visit @saijaszoo some time tomorrow to get you a proper update, so back again then !
@😺 Team Sintti 😺 - Cute! On a more serious, if you are unsure of the root cause for the migraines, I'd recommend getting an MRI of your head done.
Thanks for your concern @ÐåvïÐ Låzårµ§, but I'm OK with this "buddy" of mine... Usually bothers me once or twice a year for about 36hrs max and that's it !
@😺 Team Sintti 😺 - I'd definitely consider what I said if they become more frequent.
▫️ It was a bit of a rough start with the newcomer Tiitu. At first she refused feeding completely and got us really worried.
Now she´s got the hang of the syringe "baby bottle" and has a very healthy appetite!
▫️ Pohja and Julle are fit and basically ready to be released. They will be moved to the countryside probably early next week and eventually be freed. Whether or not Tiitu will stay with us or go with the boys is a decision that will be made later, we´ll tell you more when we know…
Here are some pics from yesterday.

That´s all I´ve got for you for now, until next time !!!
...well, actually there´s this clip of my Friday night drinking buddy 😉
Glad to see Tiitu is doing well! Great news about the others too!
Awwww! So glad to hear the good news

The boys Pohja & Julle just started their journey to a location in the countryside where they will be relased back into the wild soon ! It was decided thatTiitu will be staying here with us for now.
🐿 Goodbye, best of luck and thanks for the company... 💙
Best of luck to them!
Tiitu is doing just fine and has already almost weaned herself from milk and moving towards solid foods. She is now ready for the big cage where she´ll have much more space to roam and play!
HERE are some pictures I took yesterday when I visited the little rascal 🐿💕
Tiitu is doing great ! In fact, she would already be fit to be set free. She will, however, be staying with us for a little while longer because we are relying on her help with another "customer"...
Samuli arrived at @saijaszoo on July 8th in a critical state - severely dehydrated and malnourished, quite honestly on his last legs… against all odds the little fella has been perking up a bit and now we are hopeful that he will be OK. Samuli is now in the big cage and while he´s regaining his strength, it´s Tiitu´s duty to keep him company and show him the ropes, so to speak.
◽ Last, but definitely not least, there is baby Orvokki. All 46g of sheer cuteness arrived yesterday. She hasn´t even opened her eyes yet and by Saija´s estimate she is about three weeks "old". The little one seems healthy on the outside, but we´ll just have to wait and see…

and photos are all from yesterday evening.

That´s all for now, all of us wish all of you a great weekend !
@😺 Team Sintti 😺 - Please remind me as to how you and @saijaszoo come across these apparently orphaned squirrels. I'm just curious.
Saija is a long time volunteer working for the local animal welfare organization. When somebody alerts the authorities about a injured/misplaced animal, they usually refer the case to her. She then goes to check the situation and either takes the animal to a vet if necessary or takes the animal in straight up. That's it in a nutshell @ÐåvïÐ Låzårµ§...
@😺 Team Sintti 😺 - Thanks. I think it's great that you guys do this sort of thing. Under different circumstances, I might actually do the same after getting appropriate experience somewhere.
Two girls and a boy, the new lucky gorgeous gang!
Tiitu is big sister now :) Good that mr Samuli is improving, I hope he'll continue and be big and strong member of local squirell community. I hope Orvokki will be doing OK too.
Tiitu & Samuli are in good shape, we are now ready for them to move on. That hopefully happens quite soon.
Orvokki is growing by the day and is doing all right - she has now opened her eyes and that means she has reached approx. 5 weeks of age.
Tytti is a tiny little female who arrived July 17th weighing 54 grams…
◽ Another new arrival is Pentti, a young male - July 16th / 75g
Nuutti Tiitus Petteri is the name given by the person who brought the squirrel to @saijaszoo. It will be fun to squeeze that one in to all the paperwork… furthermore, those are all male names and the squirrel turned out to be a girl - but what´s in a name, anyway 😂😂😂 She came July 17th weighing a measely 47 grams.

A few pics and a video clip, all taken yesterday evening. And that´s it from the squirrel department, folks!
Awwww! So tiny and adorable! Wish all the best for the little ones!
Yes, so tiny! Very cute!
Tiitu & Samuli have started their journey to a place where they will be released very soon !!!
👍 Good luck guys! 💛
Off to new adventures...! All the best for the two!



Tytti, Orvokki, Pentti and Nuutti Tiitus Petteri are all healthy and happy. It seems it won´t be very long until we can release them on their merry way. Nothing has been set up yet, but we´ll keep you posted !

Viuhti has joined the gang and has been here for a while… he is a juvenile squirrel, still mostly milk-fed - but really a giant, almost twice the size of the others.

Pics and a video clip from yesterday evening - and that´s it for now...
CORRECTION❗ HERE is a working link to the two photos mentioned on the update above - sorry about that, guys. (Thanks to @DavïÐ Låzårµ§ for letting me know)
This must be Nuutti Tiitus Petteri great great grandpa :D
◽ I was informed by @saijaszoo a few hours ago that all the squirrels travelled to the countryside today and are to be released very soon.
This is my last update to this thread - thanks for your interest and concern ! 👍💛
Wohoo! Safe journey and all the best for them!
Excellent! Thanks for giving Pluspora a chance to see what you do for wildlife in Finland.
Congratulations to @saijaszoo for being great carer and making squirrel release and deployment possible!
Best wishes to the furry gang, I hope they will have long and happy life in the forest called Finland
Thank you folks for your interest and "being along"! I highly appreciate ❤️❤️❤️