:: 43-002 [RO]Some Sushi Would Be Nice ::
Alternative title: The Spirit of the Sea Will Protect You

A chibi Ragnarök Online/RO fan art of my Summoner, 'Un'. I love this job class and hope to explore it completely.


One of the Summoner's popular survival skill is the 'Tuna Belly' which recovers your health points. When summoning the spirit of Tuna to heal you, there will be a tuna sushi with wasabi above your head, healing food from above~

(Some people confuse this a a Royal Guard skill because the Divine Guard Helm automatically casts it when RGs use 'Ray of Genesis' skill, BUT NO. THIS IS A CAT SKILL, OK. Your Tuna is fake. Cat's tuna is real tuna. Hmph. u_u)

Originally from my dA [here].

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Illustration by Early Onion (that's me). RO concepts and characters by Lee Myoung-Jin.
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