Scientists ponder how jugglers seem to defy limits to human reaction times | Ars Technica

Wow this is really fascinating. Incredible coordination and training needed.
The fastest expert jugglers can make nearly 500 catches per minute, which translates into just 120 milliseconds per catch—faster than human reaction times even in high-speed sports like tennis, in which a player typically takes 200 milliseconds to adjust their performance. The Guinness world record for juggling is currently 11 balls.
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i can barley juggle four balls -- but if you're well trained you don't react you know where it lands the moment you throw it or even before
@>sfb< SigmundFreud'sBartender … and all that training time goes into throwing such that each object lands precisely when and where you need to catch it.
thats what i was trying to say, yes.