Schau dir "Status Quo "Whatever You Want" (Live at Wacken 2017) - from "Down Down & Dirty At Wacken"" auf YouTube an

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That was the music that make me know Status Quo, way back then
My father was or is still a fan of Status Quo and for his birthday present last year got him the concert DVD and album from Wacken. Recently re-watched the show. Was really good.
I like that they uploaded nearly all songs from the show now
I have to watch the show. I always liked their music, good vibes and spirit, but never went so far as to make me spend the little money I had to music on their albums.
@diritschka Damn! Wish I had been there as well. But I was last year, it was awesome and will be there this year. Can't wait!
Someone for an #wackenmeeting diaspora this year??
Can't wait !
Would be a an idea. My friends and I are driving to Wacken on Monday morning.
i've 1500 km to do....
will arrive on monday too
Only roughly 400km
@Christoph S. Lone and Soren has a great time at Copenhell recently!
Thank you @Christoph S. that was a great song! Have a great time and enjoy Waken this year!