@Christoph S... sadly, assuming you're referring to Plague with your meme above, the existing vaccinations are not very effective, so may not have prevented the ravages of the Black Plague; could have slowed it down a bit, though.
Oh, and don't blame the cute little mice (or the big fat rats). It's the damned fleas that should get the blame!
Yes, the fleas in the rats were the main culprit and all the less of hygiene.
...and all the less of hygiene.
I Blame Trump!
Lol @Kenny
David diaspora
I'm barely old enough to have met kids in school in wheelchairs because of polio. I wasn't allowed to start school without a smallpox vaccine. Smallpox is now extinct. Extinct. Polio isn't, and that's because of the anti-vaxers.
100% vaccinated people will die day ...
100% vaccinated people will die …one day …
Just not because of a horrific and easily preventable disease.
@francois p
100% vaccinated people will die …one day …
Yeah ... we all will die .... some day.....

But that doesn't meant, we need to kill others because "we don't believe in science",
btw - it's been discovered that rats probably weren't the cause of the Black Plague after all ...

Maybe Rats Aren't to Blame for the Black Death
Meh... not very definitive. I still think that rats, because of their LARGE populations, were probably still the main transporter of the fleas.

Lice I could believe, but can't find any source material that states plainly that lice could be a vector source for spreading plague.