Why homeopathy is successful despite scientific contradiction

He believed that if medicine was to move from sequential delusions towards effective truth, then we should not just look at why each successive medical theory was wrong, but to come up with general reasons why doctors and their patients continually make mistakes about what is effective and what is not.

People inevitably seek treatments when symptoms are at their worst. It is equally inevitable that we will subsequently have better days, even if our chosen treatment was ineffective. Jumping to conclusions, based on simple experiences of treatments, can quickly lead us to error. This point may appear trivial, and yet it is the foundation for belief in all superstitious and pseudo-scientific treatments.

Such a notion of dilution resulting in larger effects is counter to our everyday understanding of the world. You do not make coffee stronger by diluting it. You do not get drunk on shandy. Because all homeopathic remedies are essentially identically inert pills, homeopaths are free to make remedies from any and all substances no matter how poisonous, harmless or daft. On Ainsworths sales site, you can buy remedies made from Asbestos, Positronium, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brillo Pad and Twiglets. You are not told about such remedies on public blog posts because you are not in the cult and you are still freely thinking.

Sure, why not try some asbestos pills, they will surely cure you soon. Or vanish you from the earth, which may be called a cure as well, depending on who you ask.
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Why is Homeopathy Successful? @tomgrz But in which parts of medicine do placebos really work out to cure people? How far can we go to rely on placebo effects?
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Placebos seem to work, as opposed to cure, in some conditions where belief helps. I give you Harvard Health: [I don't favor homeopathy myself, but don't believe it should be outlawed any more than holy water, pilgrimages, laying on of hands and all the rest of it should be.]
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Placebos won't help your herpes, but they can help pain, anxiety, and depression. The effects tend to "wear off".