Farhad diaspora

Holy shit, that's disgusting !

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Did someone else notice the oven-windowsill?
Farhad diaspora
Yeah, i was looking at that wondering if it's a A/C or oven
Welcome to Paris.
Farhad diaspora
Are you sure? It's not going to be accepted as a rentable place, basee on building norms.

I guess it's from Eastern Europe.
I don't know but I've seen this picture as supposedly from some Paris apartment. You're not supposed to rent a place less than 9m2 either, but illegal offers abound nonetheless.
Farhad diaspora
True. I was offered an "apartment" in Marseille that was from one of those nightmare movies. Without a vathroom and toilets and bathrooms in the hallway crawling with cockroaches and other bugs. Reported it to Leboncoin, and it was removed.

But this is just ridiculous.