Get a tour of the Apollo 11 landing site via an interactive visualisation. Article by Phil Plait. Visualisation at [ ]
It seems like a long time ago on a moon far, far away, but now you can follow along with a satellite’s-eye-view of the mission: The folks at the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera website have created a very cool interactive feature where you can view the landing site using an LROC image, and when you scroll through the mission timeline the image changes to show you where the astronauts were, what they were doing, and what conversations they were having with each other and Mission Control back on Earth.

It’s cool to see how things unfolded in that brief time they were on the Moon. I had fun going over Armstrong’s first small step, and then watching the two of them zip around the site performing their tasks. I was especially taken with their short walk over to Little West Crater to their immediate east by about 60 meters.
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