Welcome aboard, at least with #dogs you will find dog owners here
hck diaspora
Welcome here!

I just added you to my philosophy aspect. (Although I mostly post - when it goes to posting to aspects - about history of renaissance philosophy. Just let me know in case you want to be removed from that circle.)
Welcome Paul! I like your hashtags 😊
Welcome to Diaspora*
Thanks for the rousing welcome everyone.
Tashi delek Paul
like your hashtags too ;-)
welcome gift (single post in english among my rare ones ...)
Welcome 🤗
Ongi etorri!
I am very touched by the warm reception from everybody here. Thank you.
PS-An additional thanks to @Jean-Éric Wysocki for their welcome gift
Hi and welcome! I share so many of your interests, for example #buddhism, #socialism, #dogs, and many other tags :)
Well done @Sunyata! Yay!
@alysonsee (Fca) We shall overcome!
James diaspora
Ah Hello! New here also... i need to sign in more... and yes, I too share several of your interests