Hello and a big welcome

to everyone new to diaspora\*

We're so pleased that you've decided to give diaspora\* a try. It's fantastic that you've joined us!

We hope that you quickly find your way here, and enjoy getting connected with people and content.

Here's a few tips for getting started:
  • There are some step-by-step tutorials on our project website covering the basics of how diaspora* works, and how to get connected with people. There's a link to these in the side-bar, should you ever want to read them in future, and there's also an in-app Help section you can access through your user menu (at the right-hand end of the header bar).
  • You can search for people by name or by diaspora* ID (which looks like an email address), if you know it, from the search field in the header bar. You can invite people to join you in diaspora* by sending them a link to our project website, from where they can choose their own pod to register with. Your friends don't need to be on the same pod as you in order to connect and communicate with you.
  • One good way to start getting connected with people is to start following some #tags of subjects that interest you (maybe #music, #photography, #linux, or #activism ... whatever interests you) so that you will see content on those topics in your stream. You can then start following people whose posts you find interesting, by placing them into one of your aspects.
  • If you have any questions, post something with the #question or #help tag, and people will try to help you. Make sure to make your post public so anyone who can help is able to see it!
diaspora\* has some very simple community guidelines, which we hope everyone will feel able to follow so that all members can have the best possible experience here.

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<3 diaspora\*

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Than you for the #repost.
Finding info like this is essential to get familiar with how #diaspora* works.
It's why i repost it indeed. Exchange of knowledge... there in #english, if U have question ma,d we already have our own page about in #french^^.
Please, do share the link in french... :)
Any others that have the info in their own language?
I translated the post in Dutch:
Hallo en hartelijk welkom
aan iedereen die nieuw is op diaspora*
We zijn heel blij dat je hebt besloten om diaspora* eens te proberen. Het is fantastisch dat je je bij ons hebt aangesloten!
We hopen dat je hier snel je weg vindt en ervan geniet om in contact te komen met mensen en gedeelde informatie.
Hier zijn een paar tips om aan de slag te gaan:
* Er zijn enkele stapsgewijze zelfstudies op onze projectwebsite over de basisprincipes van hoe diaspora* werkt en hoe u in contact kunt komen met mensen. Er is een link naar deze informatiepagina's in de zijbalk, mocht je ze ooit in de toekomst willen lezen. Er is ook een Help-sectie in de app die je kunt openen via je gebruikersmenu (aan de rechterkant van de koptekstbalk).
* U kunt mensen zoeken op naam ofals u het diaspora* ID weet, op diaspora* ID (dat eruit ziet als een e-mailadres), vanuit het zoekveld in de kopbalk. Je kunt mensen uitnodigen om met je mee te doen in diaspora* door ze een link te sturen naar onze projectwebsite, van waaruit ze hun eigen pod kunnen kiezen om mee te registreren. Je vrienden hoeven niet op dezelfde pod te zitten als jij om verbinding te maken en met u te communiceren.
* Een goede manier om in contact te komen met mensen is door enkele #tags te volgen van onderwerpen die u interesseren (misschien #music, #photography, #linux of #activism ... wat u ook interesseert) zodat u inhoud over die onderwerpen kunt zien in uw stream. Je kunt dan mensen volgen waarvan je de berichten interessant vindt, door ze in een van je aspecten te plaatsen.
* Als je vragen hebt, plaats dan iets met de tag #question, #vraag of #help en mensen zullen proberen je te helpen. Zorg ervoor dat je je bericht openbaar maakt, zodat iedereen die je kan helpen het bericht kan zien!

diaspora* heeft enkele zeer eenvoudige communityrichtlijnen, waarvan we hopen dat iedereen zich in staat zal voelen om zich eraan te hoduen, zodat alle leden hier de best mogelijke ervaring kunnen hebben.

We proberen diaspora* voortdurend te verbeteren, bugs te repareren, prestaties te verbeteren en nieuwe functies toe te voegen. Maar hoe snel we dit kunnen doen, wordt beperkt door de tijd die ontwikkelaars hebben. Om diaspora * sneller te verbeteren, hebben we meer ontwikkelaars nodig! Als je je net hebt aangemeld en kan programmeren of iemand kent die dat kan en die misschien geïnteresseerd is om bij ons team te komen, neem contact op!
♥ diaspora *
#nieuwhier #newhere #neuhier #nouveauici #nouvelleici #nuevoaqui #nuevaaqui #nuovoqui #nuovaqui #nuovoutente #nuovautente #nieuwhier #новичок #νέοςεδώ #diaspora
Hi @diaspora* HQ just wandering if this is a serious concern

What's the problem behind open commits such as comment-editing and account migration? Is it lack of donations or time, or other? Thanks.
I feel like Diaspora needs more localization. It has not been translated into South Asian and African languages. I would be happy to contribute, how can I?
first time here. Very cool platform.
i have been in the effort to get those i know and befriended on facebook to move over since unless you change your policy, its what facebook once was.
also i am going to move over relative material i posted there, here.
i have used a link some time ago in posting there about your social media platform and yes it worked but to date i am not aware of anyone i know there, that has moved here.
i would say that its a problem in getting people you know on other social media platforms to get moved over, even when its probably more worth their while since clearly sites like facebook are just simply going to get worse and worse and worse.
The British and American secret services will eventually force you to capitulate your freedom. Wheather we like it or not. There've hacked my machine as I write this. So advice on keeping them at bay, would be greatly welcome. Shamiii Cymru
No one can force you to capitulate your freedom.

"Secrecy is the keystone to all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy and censorship. When any government or church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, "This you may not read, this you must not know," the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man who has been hoodwinked in this fashion; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, whose mind is free. No, not the rack nor the atomic bomb, not anything. You can't conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him."

-- Robert A. Heinlein
Simler to George Orwell 1984 and animal farm. Facebook was my book. I've been studying and travelling the world. Making Amiture documentaries in Russia china Thailand burma Cape Verde Morocco ireland of Ireland, Turkey, Tunis Europe. I had 5000 followers from all the countries I documented. Facebook didn't want me to be a volunteer peace keeper, teacher and has erased 10 years of hard studying. There above the law and have erased my factual data bace. I spent my life savings on teaching emotional intelligence. It's all gone, they want even give me a channel to negotiate my data content.
Sorry to hear that. What a tragic waste. It was not so clear 2 years ago, but it's perfectly clear now. FB (and others) are controlled by people who cannot tolerate any world view but their own. Anything that disagrees with them is evil. This is just what the world looks like with globalist Socialism. I take a strong stand against it because the people putting it in motion cannot tolerate anyone who thinks for themselves. I cannot speak about other countries, but in America, the elite rich support Socialism because it eliminates competition and makes their wealth invulnerable. Without it they have to actually produce something to keep their wealth and they don't want to risk loosing it.
What I just read? Rich elite suppirts socialism?? WTF?? That gonna never ever happend nowhere! Maybe some weied China model of "socialism" (centrslitsed corpocrstos which is form of cspitalism) that may hsppend, but not in socislism. They will NEVER suppirt no thing yhat treathens their possession above normal citizen. Wirst nightmare for them wouldd be equal with worker!
Centralized corporation should read abowe..
You comment on "globalist socialism" is wrong Socialism doesn't eliminate competition. It's a widely held misconception.
It's funny how our welcome posts so often end up in discussions like this!

You're all welcome, of course.
I'd much rather discuss what's holding up some of the things like migration and post-editing @diaspora* HQ ;)
Indeed, me too 😃
Comment editing is difficult because there is no one central location for a comment. That having been said, I would like to see it too.
@Axidentalists Axis -- Interesting. I have never heard the argument that Socialism does not curtail competition. I would be interested in hearing more about that.
@Ozwald The Great -- I don't know much about Finland. Here in the US, most rich and famous celebrities support Socialism and Socialist doctrine. They think that they will be in the ruling class, but obviously there will not be room for them. Stalin called people like them "useful idiots".
@Chuck Tilbury, I guess they are just picking some tiny parts from that doctrine, at least it looks like so when I look from this side of the Atlantic sea. Finland never been socialistic country, at leas in that meaning how were Russia and Eastern Europe. We had kinda very successful mixture of capitalism and socialism on past decades... (IMO) Now we are part of European Union, have to be same doctrine for all (at least so they say)
What you consider Socialism in the US, in fact is close to right wing Neo-Liberalism here in the Netherlands. Your understanding of socialism or even communism is so completely wrong. In a civilised society people are not left behind. And that's exactly what is happening in the US. Just because someones cradle happened to be in the Bronx instead of Bevetly Hills means the difference between a life of struggle instead of without worries... It's disgrace people can't even affort healthcare. It should be a duty for a coutry to take care for tge best possible care system so people don't fcking DIE because commercial care providers" can only think of grabbing as much money as possible.
@Rob Bosch -- I get my understanding of Socialism from reading the books and from observing what people do.

You may be referring to the homeless problem in the US. It is interesting to observe that they live in the cities where Socialism is in practice. We call them shitholes because people literally shit in the street there. In other places most of these people can find work. There are a few who actually need someone to take care of them, but there are laws in these cities that prevent ordinary people from helping without prohibitive licensing and other regulation, which was again, put in place exclusively by people who subscribe to Marxist doctrine.

The problems with healthcare in this country can be traced directly back to government regulations that are designed to benefit insurance companies. Most (but not all) of these regulations can also be traced back to individual people with Marxist leanings. The politicians take care of people who take care of them and they do not care one bit about the fact that they are harming the people who voted for them. Follow the money. Who wins? Who looses?

The basic difference between Marxist doctrine and the doctrine that the US was founded upon is the status of the individual person. Under Marxist doctrine the individual exists to support the "greater good", ie, the state which is the administrator of the greater good. Under our Constitutional Republic, state exists for the benefit of the individual person. In other words the state exists to protect the liberty of all individual people equally.

Many people do not understand much of the wording of the Constitution. This is especially true of "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness".
* Life refers to physical safety. An individual person has a right to self-protection, not only from criminals but from the state if it tramples the rights of an individual unjustly.
* Liberty refers to the right to own property. The state has no right to take or to control lawfully acquired property. That does not only apply to real estate, but to all possessions. Other individuals have no rights to another individuals property either.
* Pursuit of happiness means that an individual has the right to do anything they want to as long as it does not curtail the rights of another individual.
Everything else in the Constitution, without exception, is constructed to implement these few rights.

We have fallen far short of these ideals but there are many people working hard to make things right. I am sorry to say that if the Marxists do come to actual power in this country there will be war. The clouds are gathering as I write this. I will not live as the property of a government.
I will not live as the property of a government.
But you already do.
Liberty refers to the right to own property.
Socialism doesn't prevent anyone owning property. Another misconception.
Property (as in possessions) are a manifestation of your time. You spend your time to get what you need to live. Who ever owns your time owns you. In this country, our government has taken authority over our time using an "income tax". I look for that to be changing soon.
Property (as in possessions) are a manifestation of your time. You spend your time to get what you need to live. Not true.

But that is socialist thinking.

In capitalism property is not a manifestation of labour [your time] If it were true, your president would be a destitute bum.
Well then. I guess we have no common ground. I am discussing ideas and you are discussing people. Fine and dandy. This is my last post on this thread.
I am discussing ideas and you are discussing people.
Yes, kind of

I'm discussing how people [society]can be the testing ground of their own ideas, and you're discussing how they continue to be the testing ground of the ideas of a small minority most of whom didn't earn their power via their own labour at all [e.g slavery and the theft from and murder of indigenous peoples], and who can escape the consequences of their bad ideas like Trump has. This includes both sides of the false divide of US politics and of those countries with similar systems. .

And so to ideas. Firstly "capitalism" isn't an idea: it's a condition; a state. Secondly, capitalism is a phase of Marxism, not its opposite.

I'm not a Marxist, but Marx made some very prescient observations about capitalism. Spooner [not a socialist] understood how property needs to be linked to the endeavours of the individual. Societies are based on commonality [inclusion]and the only commonality for most in capitalist society is debt [called credit] because their labour [time]is worth less than it costs to be a member of the society.. :D

Capitalist societies can only develop? into a concentration of ownership and therefore power. It doesn't matter about income tax. Nor really about the state as public will or authoritarian law-maker etc.

Post-Marxists of the mid-late 20th century started to realise that capitalism might have a way of perpetuating its own critical phase via what Marx called Alienation.

This is the first manifestation of capitalism as sentient in the sense of an artificial intelligence, being predictive rather then simply responsive. We can look to Bernays to understand how ideas which strengthen alienation are implemented/assimilated most effectively by this sentient capitalism. Its only mission is to survive/self perpetuate like all living things, despite its inevitable transformation, which it can't conceive/imagine/realise. .

Like "god" it's wholly reliant on our belief, a question we have posed about our selves. Every bit of information is a weapon which can be transformed into a mediation or a commodity. Every idea.

Those post-Marxists called it "The Spectacle". At the beginning of this century some right-wing types started relating it to the movie The Matrix, but the post-Marxist folks knew about it half a century before. This facet of Marxism is taken more seriously by anarchists than socialists. .

Here's a bit of what one of those "socialists" wrote.

*I write out of impatience, and with impatience. I want to live without dead time. What other people say interests me only in as much as it concerns me directly. They must use me to save themselves just as I use them to save myself. We have a common project. But it is out of the question that the project of the whole man should entail a reduction in individuality.. .There are no degrees in castration. The apolitical violence of the young, and its contempt for the interchangeable goods displayed in the supermarkets of culture, art and ideology, are a concrete confirmation of the fact that the individual's self-realization depends on the application of the principle of "every man for himself," though this has to be understood in collective terms--and above all in radical terms.**
Who has first claim on the fruit of your labor? Answer that and you also answer the question of who owns you.
Hi, is there any news and agenda about diaspora futur dev plans and organisations ? It seems very slow with very few coders and reviewers compared to what it used to be in the past. I understand this is a part time projet, but I love diaspora and it kinda make me sad.
This is my last post on this thread.
;) Oh
@Ohmu Ϟ as you can see, getting an answer is like getting blood from a stone. How about it @diaspora* HQ? A quick reply would at least be courteous. Plenty of people are happy to help with donating if someone up there would just make a plan to tackle the most important commits.
Oups, sorry if that post went in freetalk about socialism, i don't know why:)! I thanked @Rob Bosch after his translation from english to 'nederlandish' language as welcome and investisment in our multilanguage pages that's all : thus nederland inhabitants are quite better multilingual users than us poor French, that's all:)! All the other stuff, out of the future of #Diaspora is out of the topic i think, but we can talk friendly on every topics... out of that page! TKS!
@Antisthenes* HQ Exacly:)! TKS too:)!
All the other stuff, out of the future of #Diaspora is out of the topic i think
Not really being that this is a post about new people joining. Some of those people might be able to help if they know who and how.

@Antisthenes* HQ the situation exists and I am not a developer but I want to help in any way possible. If I can donate money because none of the people involved have free time I think it better to start prioritising commits than doing nothing? From previous discussion many people are happy to contribute financially to specific tasks being achieved if that is a possible solution. It concerns all of us to plan for the future of D*, no?.
Indeed, this seems to be a good and very interesting platform (which is not spying you everywhere on the net). Before I had finally tome to set (for curious) up my own pod I tested some another alternatives for FB. But have to say, this is best I met, although some difficulties at start to find anything, or anyone, here.

Now I'm mostly missing one thing, there I can't 'like' comments! Although I'm not still fully happy for searching thinks about #tags from unknown peoples public posts..
Somehow I can't see #newhere tagged posts. Could it be a fascist manifestation of the "cancel culture" that seems to have permeated Diaspora* in the last couple of years?
I would be interested to see this cancel culture or some of its manifestations @Trocatintas.
@Trocatintas Are you following the #newhere tag? If not, you won't see #newhere posts in your stream except from people you are sharing with (such as this HQ account). You will still see them by visiting the #newhere stream (click on that tag).
@diaspora* HQ I've followed that tag for a long time, and I used to see a few #newhere every week of which I reshared a bunch of them to "reinforce" the new users "connection" to the federation or/and I would welcome them... But for quite some time I stopped seeing #newhere posts in my streams. So I guess something weird must be going on behind the scenes. I wish Diaspora's podmins had at least the common decency of warning people when they pod block them and it would be a more transparent practice if the block lists where publicly available on their pods along with a reason. Especially if the pods were available and open publicly at the time of the blocked account registration. Otherwise this just becomes a like a Facebook/Twitter shadow ban.
Hmm.. I'm also starting to think that following #tag won't work as it should. I can see tags only users I have switched shares.. ::thinking::
I'm use to say Hello to every #newhere : well #nouveauici in my language and it works well. someone offer to translate the presentation in #dutch and i just repost it last time. Hope that's help:)!
If you're not seeing any newhere posts @Trocatintas it seems unlikely that all those pods are blocking you, no? Why would all pods block you?
So, I have a question. I am logging into two pods. This one and I don't see any of my posts or any others that I follow on the "other" one. Does that make sense? Is there another tag that I need to use. I am using mostly the same tags on both pods.
@Trocatintas you could try this hack: log out of your pod and review public tag streams as an anonymous user. For example: Compare your pod with other pods.
At least in my case on my pod there is huge difference between what that public stream shows.. Dunno if my pod is still too new, or do I have still something missing, but I can see only about 10% of last 30days what public shows!
Hmm, something is better, even search #newhere shows only handful, now I can find those newcomers posts, also their #newhere's by searching their address(or what is right name) copied from public stream ::thinking::
Still, addennum, but not other's comments seems to be still missing..
@Ozwald The Great as yours is a new pod it takes a while for all other pods to learn about you. The more connections you establish with users in other pods, the more public posts will end up on your pod.
@Αντισθένης, thanks, that's how I figured (or wanted to believe) out too :)
@Axidentalists Axis @Αντισθένης I have a few accounts on different pods and I assure you that some podmins know perfectly well what I'm talking about. It's a cancer growing within the federation. They started by doing the spammers, the pedophiles, the religious extremists, the hate speakers and then they broadened their horizons by targeting those who disagree with their politics. And they will say "their pod, their rules" and they're right. But if they keep their pods open to the general public they should at least disclose publicly their censoring lists. Otherwise they're just as fake as any other corporate social network.
@Trocatintas which pods? I think our politics are broadly the same so I would like to know.
Diaspora* è meravigliosa, grazie per il lavoro che state facendo. Sarebbe carino poter modificare i post, capita spesso di sbagliare e poter correggere invece di rifare da capo sarebbe utile anche perchè se ci si accorge dell'errore dopo un certo tempo si perde il senso della timeline. Grazie di cuore per il fantastico lavoro che fate e auguri di buone feste.

Diaspora * is wonderful, thanks for the work you are doing. It would be nice to be able to edit posts, it often happens to be wrong and to be able to correct instead of redoing it would be useful also because if you notice the error after a certain time you lose the sense of the timeline. Thank you very much for the fantastic work you do and best wishes for a happy holiday.
Let us edit our posts. If there is
not already a way to do so. If there is,
please disregard.
@Lee Mikowski and @Axidentalists Axis

The architecture of the software makes that difficult. It's a "distributed" system, which means that a post could exist on several nodes. You would have to track which nodes and then change it on all of those nodes. It would make a lot of network traffic as well as a lot of logic (software development) to make it happen. I actually prefer it this way. Not having an edit feature makes malevolent trolling a lot harder. On places like FB, people (esp. trolls) edit their posts for effect rather than correction. I think everyone will forgive you if you just make another post for your edits.
Thanks for your reply. Do Hubzilla and Friendica allow comment editing?
Interesting. I will take a look. But I have to say that I like Diaspora from an engineering point of view. Specifically because it cannot be "owned" by a single entity. No one can censor what you have access to as they can with a central server architecture. In general, the distributed model of server software is the path to the future. Single server model is the path to extinction. :)
No one can censor what you have access to as they can with a central server architecture.
Well that's debatable as @Trocatintas mentioned. Your podmin can block other users without letting you know. I had a look at Hubzilla and Friendica and it appears that comments can be edited and version history retained, as one comment I read on tryfriendica says

"editing of posts is already implemented in the federation part, and it's designed in a way that it keeps the editing history but also federates the new versions to other pods."
Yes.... The owner of the pod can stop you from posting.... on that pod. But they cannot stop you from using Diaspora. On FB, for example, if they put you in FB jail you are done. You can create another ID and whatnot.... If none of that is a concern, then why not just use FB?

I am not trying to sell it, I am just saying why I like it. I like the fact that I have a greater degree of control and I like the technology.
The owner of the pod can stop you seeing posts from other users.
... on that pod ... You can create a login on a different pod and use that. They cannot stop you from using the software and that's my only point.
"But if they keep their pods open to the general public they should at least disclose publicly their censoring lists. Otherwise they’re just as fake as any other corporate social network."

I agree with Trocatintas.
Sure. I agree with that. I only want to deal with honest people, but that's not the point.
No, the point I originally made was that we should be able to edit comments and that it was an open commit. Now we can see other such networks do allow editing comments or so it seems to me, so my original request to @diaspora* HQ remains [unanswered]. :)
fine. I never disputed that. I was only seeking to explain the reasons why things are as they are and express the reasons for my preference. If that's not your cup of tea, what is that to me? I am interested but not swayed. I am done with this thread.
I am done with this thread.
for the 2nd time. ;)
@Antisthenes* HQ - i would say in 99% of cases that is true ;(
Thanks for warm welcome! :D
Thanks for welcome !
Salut. Il vous manquait (peut-être) la version en français, la voici.
Je suis ici depuis un jour seulement, et bien qu'il n'y ait encore aucun retour (je me sens un peu invisible...), j'explore et je découvre.
Ça a l'air cool.
À bientôt.

Bonjour et bienvenue

à toutes les nouvelles et tous les nouveaux, arrivant sur diaspora*

Nous sommes très heureux que vous ayez décidé d'essayer diaspora*, et c'est fantastique que vous nous ayez rejoints !

Nous espérons que vous trouverez rapidement votre chemin ici, et que vous apprécierez d'être en contact avec les gens, ainsi que le contenu du site.

Voici quelques conseils pour bien commencer :
  • Sur le site du projet diaspora*, il y a des tutoriels étape par étape, qui couvrent les bases de son fonctionnement et expliquent comment entrer en contact avec les gens. Vous trouverez un lien vers ces tutoriels dans la barre latérale gauche du Flux (Besoin d'aide ?), si vous souhaitez les consulter à tout moment ; et aussi une aide dans votre menu utilisateur (votre avatar + pseudo en haut à droite).
  • Vous pouvez rechercher des personnes par nom ou par ID diaspora* si vous la connaissez (elle ressemble à une adresse électronique) à partir du champ de recherche dans la barre d'en-tête (Trouver des personnes).
    Vous pouvez inviter des personnes à vous rejoindre sur diaspora* en leur envoyant un lien (barre latérale gauche sur le Flux : Invitez vos amis), lien à partir duquel elles pourront choisir leur propre pod pour s'inscrire. Vos amis n'ont pas besoin d'être sur le même pod que vous pour se connecter et communiquer avec vous.
  • Une bonne façon de commencer à vous connecter avec les gens est de commencer à suivre quelques #tags de sujets qui vous intéressent (peut-être #musique, #photographie, #linux, ou #activisme... ce qui vous intéresse), afin de voir le contenu sur ces sujets dans votre flux. Vous pourrez ensuite commencer à suivre les personnes dont les messages vous intéressent, en les plaçant dans l'un de vos aspects (famille, amis, travail…).
  • Si vous avez des questions, postez quelque chose avec la balise #question ou #aide, et les gens essaieront de vous aider. Assurez-vous de rendre votre message public afin que toute personne qui peut vous aider puisse le voir !
diaspora* a des directives très simples pour la communauté, que nous espérons que tout le monde se sentira capable de suivre afin que tous les membres puissent avoir ici la meilleure des expériences possible.

Nous essayons d'améliorer diaspora* en permanence, en corrigeant les bugs, en améliorant les performances et en ajoutant de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Mais la vitesse à laquelle nous pouvons y parvenir est limitée par le temps dont disposent les développeurs. Pour améliorer diaspora* plus rapidement, nous avons besoin de plus de développeurs ! Si vous venez de vous inscrire et que vous pouvez coder, ou si vous connaissez quelqu'un qui peut et qui pourrait être intéressé à rejoindre notre équipe, contactez-nous !

♥ diaspora*

#newhere #neuhier #nouveauici #nouvelleici #nuevoaqui #nuevaaqui #nuovoqui #nuovaqui #nuovoutente #nuovautente #nieuwhier #новичок #νέοςεδώ #diaspora
merci beaucoup pour le traduction!
@Nigel Taujess, merci beaucoup pour cette belle traduction ! Pourrions-nous y repliquer en futur ?
@diaspora* HQ, it's all yours, feel free to use it as you see fit.
Thank you! <3
@diaspora* HQ, concerning the last paragraph of your welcoming text, there is a new one here who might be quite interested in your contact.
@Nigel Taujess again, thank you!
hey user here. so what do we all talk about here? anything?
redj2 diaspora
Here is your place; Your's
thanks :) is there a way to make groups? or is it only the activity stream?
pilgrim diaspora
saweeet! ...are you seeing my other posts?
pilgrim diaspora
we'll finger it out... just a little different interface....