Well, it's hard to show solidarity with people who didn't want to listen, who gloated, who insulted you and called you names. It's hard not to say, "you won, get over it". It's hard not so say, "you won, you own it". Especially because when it all goes pear shaped there will be no apology forthcoming, only blame. Blame for those who warned, blame for those who tried to stop or at least soften the disaster they could see coming.

With Boris Johnson in control, the danger is that liberals will give up the fight

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This is going to be a financial disaster for the UK. The disaster capitalists (starting with Theresa May's husband) won and will make a lot of money off the collapsing economy, John and Jane Q. Public will get totally screwed.
I fear that, if things go wrong, the people will be attracted by the far right.
The trashing of the left, in every shape and form, by the media, was totally irresponsable. Let's not forget that the DMail only stopped supporting fascism because of the danger of war. All the ingredients are there. Exactly the same psychology and marketing. The continual negotiations about reparations was for the germans the same experiemce as the continual negotiations over brexit - including the blame-game. For the germans and italians in the 1920s and 30s, the new leaders were people who'd "get it done".
So, no, I don't expect people to see sense if things go wrong. I expect them to see even less sense.
They are prisoners of a toxic media environement - including on the internet.
It'\s quite frightening.
A country of sleepwalkers.