I have an approach to free energy!
(relatively free...but it could use some notes before I post it to the wrath of diaspora)
(because I'm no expert, just getting 10,000 ideas the last few weeks related to each other)
HI Ahimsa, I am a Physicist and i am very interested in OVER-UNITY (FREE-ENERGY) devices...... Dhan
Ok, I'll put try and sum it up:
So build a self-sustaining communal society on top of the large Hadron collider, or some other large round could be a perfectly round subway. The method of transportation are trams powered by bicycle, that people ride at certain times (imagine a clock hand sweeping, then take a segment of that space...going to work people are riding in that direction within the segment.) The cycling, because it's a planned progression, follows this sweeping. Now underneath in the tube is a magnet that gets pulled by the trams' motion, and speeds up progressively as more and more people "go to work", which underneath causes a sort of "electric pulley effect" and speeds the magnet to go very fast in the tube underneath the city and generates electricity for the day. I am not a physicist, but intuitively was wondering if this idea had any merit...could also be used on a spaceship travelling (assuming it would work at all)

Thanks for caring -Ahimsa